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For The Buharideens Twisted Into A Knot In Their Defence Of Amaechi We Pray Oh Lord By Professor Pius Adesanmi

If you have dedicated, committed, and devoted Buharideens in your timeline, walk a mile in their shoes, see what they have to defend today alone, and go easy on them. Es not easy.

A Federal Minister in the administration and Chairman of the Buhari campaign, Rotimi Amaechi, is caught on tape blasting Buhari; blasting the first three years of Buhari as a complete waste. He is talking candidly among trusted friends. He had no idea he was being recorded.

I have heard the tape with these my own two ears. If I were a Buharideen, I’d crawl quietly into some hole for the next two days and hope it blows over. However, this is not the sort of marching orders they have received. So, they are out everywhere claiming that a tape in which Amaechi is heard clearly trashing Buhari’s first three years and mentioning Buhari very clearly by name was recorded in 2014 and he was talking about Jonathan!!

As a human being, the contortions you have to perform to claim that this is Atiku’s #DubaiStrategy or the tape was doctored or Amaechi was talking about Jonathan are so ridiculous that you’d look physically like a twisted snake at the end of your performance. That is why I am calling for kindness to any Buharideen who has to do this. They are our people.

Second headache of the day. Yesterday, Daily Trust published a lead story: Nigerian Army Prepares to Retake Baga.

Now, because Buharideens are the only patriots who exercise a very strict monopoly over love for Nigeria, there is no name under the sun that they did not call those of us who acknowledged the fall of Baga two weeks ago as an indication that all was not kosher on the security front as the Buhari cool aid narrative would have us believe.

They said we were not patriots.
They said Baga had not fallen at all.

Festus Keyamo even arrogated to himself the power to define patriotism for us all, prompting a push back from me in an op-ed.

Now the Army is preparing to retake Baga that did not fall.

The Army gets angry about Daily Trust’s report and invades the offices of the newspaper in Maiduguri. New contortions for the Buharideen who must not only claim that the Army was in fact not even preparing to retake Baga, they must be commended for invading civilian spaces in 2019 and shutting down a newspaper in a democracy.

If you see some of your friends looking misshapen and unrecognizable, please bear in mind these contortions they have to go through and go easy on them. I am nice like that.

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