Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice. Shame on me. There is no time but now that this aphorism by Randall Terry rings truer. Idoma land has been the butt of unwholesome ribaldry cracked in the halls of power in Makurdi for 16 years. It has been said that we are brilliant for nothing. That we possess common sense that we do not use. That we are politically inept. Thus we have been taken for granted as a long suffering wife who had to endure the gyrations of her husband to the allure of nubile maidens.
They tell us it is all about numbers. But if it were so, then the same PDP wouldn’t use the same section in Edo, Delta, Akwa Ibom, Cross Rivers, Rivers, Bayelsa, and other states where there are significant minorities. The Esan in Edo state make up 16% of the voting population but they were governor through Prof. Osunbor before the court annulled his election in favour of the Comrade Governor. In Delta State, James Ibori was Urhobo, then follow by Uduaghan of the Itserkiri, a miniscule minority in Delta state, now it swung to the Aniomas in the person of Okowa. In Akwa Ibom, it was Victor Attah of the Ibibio majority then it swung to Akpabio of the Annang minority. What is so wrong with Benue? Why is the Idoma so excluded? Why are we so pushed to the margins?
I tell you what is wrong with Benue. It is that they have read us to be sheeps who are shepherded by those to whom we trust to vote the same way over and over again even when we are treated shabbily. It is no longer news that we have been taken for a ride by those to whom we have given our loyalty for the past 16 years. For but a brief spell when Nelson Alapa was voted in under APP for the House of Reps, Idoma land has remained wholly and with a single undiluted voice, loyal to the PDP. We have voted en bloc for the PDP from Councillors, Chairmen, House of Assembly, the Governorship, the House of Representatives, The Senate, and the President. We have never blinked. The Tiv on the other hand has voted other parties for governor, they have an incumbent Senator who is of the APC, yet PDP deemed Idoma so irrelevant that it has to restrict the operations of Section 7 Subsection 3 Paragraph C of its constitution to Tiv land. It has to make sure that the pendulum swings from Zone B to A then to B again. For the purpose of the plunder of office, Zone C is non est. For the purpose of the harvest of votes, Zone C is the place to go to win. These people must really have a very low opinion of us.
The worst of all is that Suswam, a man to whom we gave our love and our votes, who promised to make sure that equity and fairness comes into play for our benefit is the one that has rendered Idoma useless politically. He carefully orchestrated and in a deft manner, choreographed the failure of the party to use Section 7 Subsection 3 paragraph C of the constitution of the PDP which guarantees zoning in our favour. He got some Idoma lackeys to do this job for him with their songs that the primaries was going to be thrown open to all. It was a plan to produce his anointed minion.
If we must retain some dignity. If we must tell them we are relevant in the scheme of things. If we must show we are not inept or brilliant for nothing, then we must have to pay Suswam back in his own coin by not voting his candidate. We must learn to keep people guessing. We must make them work harder to get us. We can still vote PDP if we want for the Senate, for the House of Reps, For the House of Assembly, but for the governorship. No. We do this as a way of showing some spine and punishment for Suswam for his betrayal.
As a matter of principle I have always believe that PDP is the most likely vehicle through which we will achieve our aspirations faster because of the provision of zoning and rotational arrangement in its constitution but I have seen that when it takes a people for granted, it doesn’t care. We have to make it care by telling it we are important to its survival. We have to give it some pain on account of its treatment of us in Benue State so that next time it thinks twice when it comes to Idoma. Cheers. May Idoma endures forever.

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