There are three kinds of people in this world. Those that make things happen. Those that watch things happen. Those that asked what just happened. It is to those who makes things happen the fortunes of the world belong. This is where we have to pitch our tent. Time for watching is over. Time for making things happen is now. We, the people of Idoma, have the cusp of our destiny in our palms at this critical time of our nation. We can shape it any way we want. We shouldn’t bow our heads on account of the seeming defeat we have suffered in the recent political realignment that occurred in Benue State, instead, we should take it as a crisis which connotes danger plus opportunity according to the Chinese definition of the word. In other words, in every danger there is an opportunity to start anew. Our definition of this crisis would just stop at danger if we continue to do the same thing over and over again and expect different result. It would never happen. . By burning down our house, they have given us an opportunity to build something more contemporary and more beautiful. We must not let this crisis go to waste
If we must endeavour to build an Idoma land of our dream we must therefore make things happen. We have to show them we have the ability to change the calculus of those that deprived us of a fighting chance during the gubernatorial primaries. We may or may not have won, and that doesn’t matter. What matters now is that in the past 15 years and a half we have been betrayed in terms of our gubernatorial quest by a party to whom we have given all of our loyal and our trust. It is the party that has refused to activate Section 7 subsection 3 paragraph c of its constitution that guarantees rotational arrangements through zoning of offices when it comes to the Idoma people. It is doing so in Edo state. It has done so in Delta. It is effected in Akwa Ibom state. It is enforced in Cross River state. It works in Rivers State. It practices zoning in every state with minorities with the noticeably exception of Benue State. Why is this so? Is it that they have taken us for granted? Is it that they think we do not matter? Is it that they think we can’t throw the spanners into their works? OR MAYBE THEY THINK WE ARE WATCHERS NOT DOERS?
We have to make a stand in our quest for equal rights in Benue State. To let them know we are doers not talkers. They say we don’t have the numbers to be governor but do we need numbers to be the Chief Justice; the AG; the VC of the state University; head of departments etc? Do we need numbers for the allocation of resources in the state for developmental purpose to be fair? When you arrive at the answers to those posers. you will realize just how marginalized we are in a state we call our home and run by a party to which we have given our all in elections. What then do we get in return for our loyalty and faithfulness?
We need equal rights and justice. The arc justice is bent towards our side. If we work collectively we will gain the equal rights that have eluded us for nigh forty years. So I urge you to be ready to vote to send a message and where you are in diaspora to get out your phones to canvass to our mothers, fathers, sisters, brothers, aunt, uncles, nieces, nephews, cousins and relations to thwart the games of Suswam by making a protest vote in the gubernatorial election. Let send him a message that there is electoral consequences to suffer when anyone works against the Idoma interest. Our relations certainly trust us more than any ‘leader’ or ‘elder’. They would follow our directives rather than those of rice, beans, maggi, wrappers, and other stomach infrastructures. It is time for revolution. We have to let them know that the institutionalized discrimination that exists against the Idoma in Benue and which has been fossilized and perpetuated by the party in government at the state level in these 15 1/2 years will no longer be condoned by us.
NOTE; You may still remain loyal to the PDP for all other races if you like but for Governorship, vote for anyone but the PDP and make sure your vote count. Let do the right thing on this emotional level. I will share my thoughts with you on the substance of that ticket later. Cheers. God bless you all. May Idoma endures forever! Live live His Royal Majesty the Agaba Idu.

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