If it often said that Professor Einstein’s definition of Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results. For the past 16 years, we the Idoma, have been doing the same thing over and over again expecting different results. Does it mean we are insane? No. What it means is that for the past 16 years we have been playing a game that is rigged against us by the rules set by our opponents. It is time to play it our own way by doing something different.
Our greatest problem is the leadership of the PDP in Benue. They treat us as if we do not exist. They enforce the zoning section of the constitution of the PDP to benefit Zone A and Zone B and leave us out of reckoning. Every season it pretends we are responsible for our own trouble. It pretends that because we refuse to unite or present one candidate we failed. BUT THIS IS FAR FROM THE TRUTH. The truth is that the party could have ensure the zoning section of its constitution is enforced to the advantage of Zone C after 16 years. Were it to do so,the position WOULD HAVE BEEN ZONE EXCLUSIVELY TO ZONE C after the stint of Zone B and A in power.. In this scenario even if we have 10,000 candidates it won’t matter. What would matter is that at the end of the day an Idoma or Igede candidate would emerge. What PDP has done so far is behaving as if Zone C does not matter in the scheme of things by pretending to throw it open while its governor as confessed by himself is enforcing the zoning between A and B by asking the MINDA to produce 4 candidates even when he promised the Idoma it is our turn to have the governorship.
How possible is this you may ask me?But is it not the same PDP which decided that the Governorship of Akwa Ibom be rotated between the Ibibio and Anang and it was done between Victor Attah of the majority Ibibio then to Akpabio of the minority Anang? Is it not the same PDP which decided nationally that the governorship of Edo state be rotated and it moved from Edo South which has 54% of the population to Edo Central which has 16% of the population i.e from Lucky Igbinedion to Prof Osunbor before his election was annulled in favour of the Comrade Governor? Is it not the same PDP which decided nationally that the governorship in Delta State be rotated between the Urhobo, Itserkiri, the Anioma, the Isoko and the Ijaw and it was done for Ibori who is Urhobo, Uduaghan who is Itserkiri (which by the way makes up about 6% of the population of the state) and right now for Akowa who is Delta Igbo (Anioma)? The list goes on and on and on. What is so different about Benue?
PDP is only different in Benue because the Party Leadership believes we are sheep whose shepherd will call unto us to fall in line behind the PDP and like sheep we will agree, no matter what is done to our pride, our relevance and future. And like sheep we have been falling in line for the past 16 years. Now I say we are falcons who can no longer hear the falconer. We do things our way. Suswam candidate must not be voted if we are to save what is left of our pride and relevance. We must not listen to the shepherds this time. We must not be taken for granted.
Now how do we tell PDP we are politically relevant to its survival in this great state? Is it by doing the same thing we have been doing for the past 16 years hoping they might take pity on us? It is CAPITAL NO. What we can do is to vote differently by not voting for Suswam candidate in order for them to realize that when you mess with Idoma you get messed right back and for both parties to realize that the Idoma has come of age. That we are not to be taken for granted. This is not a question of Tarzoor. It is one for our relevance. We shouldn’t look at relevance from the lens of some few of us benefiting from the government of Tarzoor we should look at it from the angle of taking on some pain to get the big price later. The big price would ensure our economic development faster than any other thing. If it were not so, we would have been great by now with the status quo.
Have we been loyal to any other party for the last 16 years? No. Have we been loyal to the PDP for the last 16 years. Yes. How have we been rewarded for those years? By making sure we are not Governor. We can’t be speaker. We can’t be AG. We can’t be Chief Judge. We can’t even be VC. We can’t head parastatals. It was under PDP, which, but for a brief spell when we voted Nelson of APP for the House of Reps, we have given our unalloyed loyalty that allowed that injustice and inequality to occur in Benue. There was no other party in power. It was only the self same PDP that was in power. The only way PDP will be afraid to repeat this status quo is when it loses this Gubernatorial election as a consequence because we have refused to follow our usual pattern of loyalty to it.
Note this is not to say I believe the APC is better than PDP. Far be it for me to think so. What I do believe is that we are more likely to achieve our aspirations with the PDP faster because it is the only party with the zoning provision in its constitution. This strategy is to make it see how important we are to its survival in Benue so as to force it to do what it has not done before…ceding the governorship to us. It can never do this on a platter of gold. It can only do this when we force it. And force means we have to inflict some pains on it electorally for refusing to do what it does in other states.
We shouldn’t be particularly concerned about the person heading the ticket. I do not believe for a second that voting for Ortom would brings about our UHURU. He is part of the Tiv elites. He recently crossed over from the PDP to the APC. But in life to achieve anything we have to feel some pain. We have to forego the benefits that our elites would enjoy under the Tarzoor’s government to achieve our most important aspirations that is by sending a message that we are relevant to the survival of any party in Benue. I do not consider this to be about Ortom or Tarzoor. It is about our relevance. Right now it is in shambles. We need to repair it. It can’t be done the way the leaders are telling you. They simply stand to benefit from Tarzoor’s government at our expense. It can only be done by inflicting some pain electorally on the party we have been loyal to for the past 16 years.
You can vote for PDP if you like in other positions but for the sake of our relevance do not vote for Suswam’s candidate. We have to use this to let the leadership of the PDP know we are critical to their survival in this state and should no longer be treated the way we have been treated for the past 16 years.

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