Benue state is in decay. The health sector is non existent. The education sector lay comatose. The roads are death traps. Salaries are not paid and where they are paid deductions are made from them. There is no water. There is essential no economy in Benue. There is corruption everywhere. Monies are expended in frivolous activities. Private fortunes of the players in Benue government have risen as against the public fortune of our state.The Governor, Gabriel Torwua Suswam, has failed to fulfill any of his promises.While others are trying to educate their children. He kept ours at home for one year while his are in some of the best schools in the world. He even failed in the simple act of adhering to the promise he made to we, the Idoma, of activating Section 7 Subsection 3 Paragraph C of the constitution of the People Democratic Party that would have had the effect of zoning the Gubernatorial candidacy exclusively to zone C, instead he used his lackeys at the party’s state executive, starting from the state chairman downward, to effect the ruse of throwing the position open and then imposing his stooge Terhemen Tarzoor on members to cover his tracks.
Worse of all, after betraying Zone C, he is counting on our votes to do it for his candidate! I hope the workers and teachers of Benue State and those of Idoma specifically would remember to do the right thing and vote in protest against Suswam’s stooge. They must not be quick to forget the pain they were made to go through and how they scrounged to survive, the Suswam imposed hunger. They must not forget lest they continue to suffer the humiliations they were made to pass through by his principal Suswam. Most of all, we should send Suswam and his apparatchik, a lesson that there is an electoral price to pay when the workers and people of the state are crossed and when Idoma is betrayed. Let vote with our heads and our hearts and let do the the needed change. It is the only power we have. Please use this wisely.

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