How to Prepare Genger Soup in Tiv Land

By Henry Kwaghkule

Genger is a name of a certain tree in Benue state, the tree is found only within the Tiv communities according to inquiries.The tree can be found in Konshisha, Gwer east, Gboko, Vandeikya, Tarkaa and some areas in Tiv land.
The Genger that is use for soup is produce from a shell like flower, when you pick the shell, you detach it from the flower and dried in the sun for days. Once it is fully dried, it changes to brown color and it is pounded in to a rough powder.

Genger Soup is a season soup in Tiv land which is enjoyed from late November to early April of another year. There is a general belief that once the rain set in, the Genger loses its nourishment and taste. By standard of preparation it takes two hours to have it ready. You can’t not cook Genger soup with Electric stove or anything kerosene stove. It will not form to soup at all. Genger is boiled on burning charcoal and not flames.

The ingredients one need for this unique soup:
2. Nune
3. Gbaaye
4. Mtsem
5. Nyam Shu.
6. Kyoho
7. Kwagh human doom.
8. Affishi
9. Baar.
10. Mkem.
11. Magi
12. Tsua u Atsenger. Local pot. ( Sand made pot?
13. Mkulen ma Nyian.

When you gathered all the above, you will look for a local pot, use 3 to 4 table spoon of the grounded Genger powder and poured it in the pot, add water and little tiny mtsem ( potassium) turn it by stirring it till it completely devolve. Leave it for 25 minutes to rise on the charcoal fire.
After that process, blend your Nune, Gbaaye, mkem, khoho, and other nutritious package by adding water to make it dissolve in another separate pot, prepare your stew with the dry fish and mix the stew with Genger, allow it to boil for 5 minutes before you take it from the hot charcoal. After this process, your Soup is ready to serve with the food you want to eat with.
Tiv people produce Yam, and this Genger soup is best serve with pounded yam.

It is also a medicinal soup to some people because it heal ones wound and makes one to think fast.
It is a soup that can last for 10 days when prepared properly. It taste sweet every day so far it is not finished.
It is a unity soup that unit women together in Tiv land. A woman who prepare a nice Genger will invite a fellow woman in the kitchen to shares the meal.
If you give a fellow woman the soup, she forgive all her negative plans against you.
It is a business soup.
Most of the food hotels in Tiv land around the dry season are stocked with Genger soup.
It is a soup that Tiv girls prepared for their new husband as a first feeding meal after traditional marriage ceremony in the month of late November to early April of another year.
The hallmark of the Genger soup is its quality and aromatic taste. Any Tiv woman that can not bring the attributes of Genger is considered an awful cook of the soup.

Every Tiv house or community celebrate Christmas with delicacy of Genger soup a comfortable pounded yam food in the evening with friends and families.

Genger soup was featured on a radio programme “African ditches” of Voice of Nigeria Ikoyi by Henry Kwaghkule as a resource person and Mr chef representing Tiv people for truth and reality.
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  1. Olaifa bukola says:

    I’m planning my wedding soon with a tiv man, I Pls how can I get all the ingredients,even the names of the ingredients in English. Thanks.

  2. Tony says:

    Can you share with us the delicious recipe and process to make pocho. If it is too hectic to post on your blog, can you mail me a quick walk through

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