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By Rt Comr. Chrisfortune Onoja

It’s with great pleasure and honor I humbly write this piece of article to present to the general public the good leadership qualities possessed by comrade Austin Agada and why he needs to represent the good people of Ogbadibo at the Benue state house of assembly (BSHA) come 2019 general election.

As a young man of common sense and federal character, I believe in an unjust society silence is a sin and therefore, without the fear of favor I want to quickly highlight some of the good leadership quality I have seen in the pessimist call Austin Agada. As we all know and define leadership differently but as a person I really like the definition of leadership by John C. Maxwell, “A leader is one who knows the way, Goes the way and shows the way.” but irrespective of how u define a leader he/she can prove to be a difference maker between success and failure. Comrade Austin has a fantastic vision and knows how to turn his idea into a real-world success stories. Highlighted below are some of the important qualities that separates Austin from others. 

Honesty And Integrity: the supreme quality of leadership is unquestionable integrity, without it no real success is possible, no matter whether it is on a section gang, a football field, in an office or politics in general, you can confirm these from his days in Benue state University (BSU) and as a unionist. Austin Agada as a young man is succeeding because he has stick to his values and core beliefs.

Confidence:To be an effective leader, you must be confident enough to ensure that others follow your command. The good thing about this young man is that he is always sure about his decisions and qualities and that is why his subordinates will always follow him. He has a oozing confidence with some swagger as assertiveness to gain respect from his subordinates, but that doesn’t make him over confident but reflect the degree of confidence that makes his followers trust him as a leader.

He Inspires Others: Probably the most difficult job for a leader is to persuade others to follow. Most at times when the going gets tough, some of us look up to him to see how he reacts to the situation and he always handles it well, so that is why we will continue to follow him.
According to how John Quincy Adams puts it, “If your actions inspire others to dream more, learn more, do more and become more, you are leader. He is always successful inspiring his subordinates. And that is why he is always overcoming challenges easily.

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Commitment And Passion: He is a committed and steadfast young fellow that has the passion for humanity and see young ones grow in the right path. He always gives his very best to gain the respect of his teammates and subordinates.

Decision Making Capabilities: Apart from him having a fantastic vision as a leader, he also has the ability to make the right decisions because he understands the fact that decisions taken by leaders have profound impact on the masses. He always think long and hard before taking decision but once it is taken, he stands by it.
Accountability: He is a good leader that takes little more than his share of the blame and little less than his share of the credit. He always makes sure his subordinate realize their mistakes if need be and work together to improve.

Empathy: Comrade Austin Agada. Has long developed empathy with his followers. Unfortunately most leaders neglect empathy and follow a dictatorial style but in the case of Austin Agada he makes more connection with his followers, understanding their problems and feeling their pains and also helping remedy their problems.

These are some couple of key traits that makes Comrade Austin Agada a good leader that stands out amidst his equals.

I am Rtr. Chris Onoja


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