#Agatu on my mind!


By Yemi Itodo

This is one of the #IndigenousFulani men in Agatu LGA.

His name is Mr. Michael Inalegwu, a.k.a. GDM.

He has age long history of betraying the Agatu people, despite the fact that he has benefited so much from the community.

Beside the report that he brought some people from the East in early 90s to come and defraud the innocent people of Agatu, by asking them to contribute money for an agricultural scheme; he also allegedly betrayed his party, Grassroots Democratic Movement (GDM) in 1997 with the UNCP.

Despite that, the Agatu people gave him their mandate as a democratically elected Chairman for Agatu local government council under the All Peoples Party (APP) in 1999; but he betrayed them by defecting to the United Nigeria Peoples Party (UNPP) in 2002.

When it was dawn on him that the Agatu People had rejected him and vehemently kicked against his reelection in 2004, he tiptoed into the umbrella party, the PDP which was the ruling party then, in same year, 2004.

At the PDP he was made a Special Advisor to the then Senate President, Distinguished Senator David Mark in 2007.

Mr. GDM allegedly used that office to suppress many indigenous Agatu people – employment slots meant for Agatu youths were said to be diverted; contracts were allegedly lobbied and awarded to him, some directly designed to impact lives of the common people in Agatu; but were mostly abandoned, and in some cases, diverted.

Then when the APC became the ruling party at the national and State levels, the “indigenous Fulani” man decided to explore another opportunity of exploiting the indigenous Agatu people, by jumping into the broom party.

To make his expedition a legitimate one, the GDM went and double-crossed an appointment that was meant for a much younger person.

Thus, with the collaboration of the Governor with cap of many colours (who actually needed the service of an indigenous Fulani man, to finally perfect his plans to extinct the entire Agatu people); he got the position of a Sole Proprietorship in charge of Agatu PLC.

By accepting to be a Sole Administrator (albeit, the oldest Solad in Benue State), is a pointer that the “indigenous Fulani man” was on a mission.

Why on earth would a man accept to be a Solad in his 60s, whereas, his counterparts elsewhere fall to the age bracket of 30-40?

Why would he accept to be a Solad in Agatu, 18 years after he was an executive chairman? An indigenous Agatu man who was born 18 years ago is now of voting age and can also be voted for.

The answer to these questions could also be used to explain why the “indigenous Fulani men” attacked the indigenous Agatu people last February, destroying over 15 communities, including Police Station, schools, churches and market places; but did not touch the residence of Mr. GDM.

His house was the only building standing in the community after the attacks. Because, he is an “indigenous Fulani man”!

Note… Beware, if the above mentioned person could alleged to have sold Agatu land, as a Sole Administrator, then such an individual will not hesitate to sell the entire Idoma, if given the opportunity to serve in higher position.


  1. Great Man says:

    Indigenous Fulani man indeed, he is eyeing House of Reps in 2019 general elections, not knowing that his dastardly acts are still fresh in the minds of Agatu people, and he knows where he is from, inasmuch as they are peace loving people, they can as well, hardly forgive when you offend them, especially, by taking undue advantage of their weakness. Mike, we are waiting for you in 2019.

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