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By; Comr. Benard Oche Ekwote

The term ” war” is often used to denote struggle. Once the interest of a person, people or group conflicts, war becomes a possibility.

In fact, Margaret Atwood once remarked that “war” is what happens when language fails.

In human society, war is inevitable so long as “man” remains the selfish creature that he is. In most cases, when fundamental rights and privileges, either constitutional or social of a person or people is trampled upon or infringed, when disagreement occurs between two or more parties, when oppression, marginalization lives and lingers unabated, when statutory obligations and duties are not performed, irascibility will certainly knocks at the door of war and it may become a necessity.

Flowing from the above, it will only be a case of a needle’ passing through the eye of the camel for a sound mind to argue that the Benue State Governor; Dr. Samuel Ortom is not at war with the Benue People which about 70% or more than are civil servants/pensioners and depends directly on monthly salary or wage for existence and survival.

Wars, depending on the type and scale are often characterized by the use of destructive weapons, equipments, bombs e.t.c. coupled with other tactics and strategies in other to conquer, overcome or flush the enemies.

It is no news that the inhabitants of the Benue valley have been in trying, agonizing and sorrowful moment because of the havoc and war been unleashed on them almost on daily basis by suspected Fulani herdsmen.

What may sound new to some people here is the fact that the people of Benue are combating, confronting and fighting war with two common enemy; “Gov. Samuel Ortom and the Fulani herdsmen” whom has declared total war on them.

While the Fulani herdsmen whom has declared war on Benue citizens as result of the enactment of the anti open grazing law in the state adopted the use of weapons such as knives, guns and other violent approach in prosecuting the war they declared, Gov. Ortom on the other side, whom is supposed to be the defender of the people was skilled enough to employ a very effective tactics; non payment of salaries to workers and pensioners in fighting his own war against Benue people.

While the Fulani herdsmen are to some extend resisted but sometimes succeeded in killing “hundreds” if not “thousands” of Benue citizens, I make bold to say that the Benue Hitler (Ortom) whom is equipped with political power has succeeded in sending to grave, “twice” if not “thrice” the total number of victims of the herdsmen war.

He is by every view and understanding, A WAR LORD.

Ortom’s war strategy is as effective as that of Gen. Gowon during the Biafra war when he (Gowon) ordered the closure of borders to stop the supply of foods to the “Biafran’s” which the resultant effect was the death of millions of innocent Biafran’s prompted by chronic hunger and starvation.

The above implies that subjecting enemies to severe hunger and starvation can kill massively than any other form of war weapon.

Since the non payment of salaries was adopted by Ortom as a strategy of war against the Benue people, workers and pensioners whom acts as redistributive channels in the midst of the squalor and poverty ridden populace in Benue state, many souls have gone 6 feet down. Some died due to hunger and starvation. Some died due to lack of money for medication and treatment and the list of the responsible factor of death of my Benue brothers remains endless.

How can “civil servants” and “pensioners” whom are literally life wires of different class of people; students, traders, okada rider’s, farmers e.t.c in Benue be hold a salary debt to the tune of 9 months?

How does the Governor wants them to live and survive?

Does this singular act not amount to starving a “common enemy” (Benue people) to death?

Is Ortom not really fighting a cold war against the people he swore to protect their lives and property?

Is the Governor not on the mission of aiding, abetting, committing and executing mass murder in Benue?

Is Ortom not a common enemy of the Benue people just like the Fulani herdsmen?

The questions are too numerous and endless.

The painful truth is that Ortom whom has been agitating and appealing to security agency’s to fish out the Fulani herdsmen and bring them to book has failed to realize that his inability or blatant refusal to pay salaries as at when due has sent more Benue citizens to early grave than the herdsmen attack.

Why has the Governor refused to apologize to Benue people for subjecting them to such inhumane condition, misery, hard life, oppression and honourably hand himself over to security agency for possible prosecution is what I’m still battling to figure out.

I am not a lawyer neither a servant in the temple of justice but with my little knowledge and understanding of the law, a person is culpable otherwise guilty of a crime or act if such act or crime is as a consequence of his action or inaction, committed directly or indirectly, knowingly or unknowingly. Therefore, it should be crystal clear to Ortom that a case of aiding, abetting and perpetrating murder of Benue workers and pensioners is likely to be instituted against him as he lives office in 2019.

This article became necessary and been prompted by the conviction and believe in the words of Martin Meredith; stopping atrocities should be more urgent than punishing those who have committed them. Trials and truth are not ends in themselves. They are desirable because they help people and societies to heal and they thus make it less likely that the future generations will suffer. They should be use only in service of those goals and not as a way to divert pressure from those more difficult but necessary works.

While praying for the repose of the souls of those who met their untimely death as a result of the war “Fulani herdsmen and Gov. Ortom” declared on Benue people, I wish to remind the Governor that “every evil done or committed against another man must surely be redressed. If not now, then, later……..if not by Man, then, God…….if not here on earth, then, here after. For the victory and triumph of evil over good is temporal.

Comr. Oche Ben whom is an injured victim of the Ortom’s war against Benue workers/pensioners writes from Ai’Onakpata kingdom in Edumoga District.

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