By Noah McDickson.

I have been in the opposition since 1999 and I don’t have any regret. I remember I’m one those whose brought ACN that metamorphosed to APC to Benue South Senatorial District, Zone C. I spent my personal fortune to ensure that it succeeded.

“Most of the beneficiaries of APC today were in the ruling PDP when we were having sleepless nights strategizing on the way forward to dethrone the the ruling PDP”
Now that APC climbed to power because of the goodwill of the people, some people seemed to have forgotten how we started.
I expressed deep fears before the senatorial rerun election of the Benue south, “ZONE C” early last year but nobody cared.
Now the die is casted.

In the opinion polls conducted locally, majority of the party faithful are on the verge of decamping to PDP and other parties.
As a party leader and elder, I would not fold my arms and watch the party we suffered to build being destroyed.
As a matter of urgency, the aggrieved members of the party must be addressed before the political Tsunami engulf our party.

2019 is quite critical, we, as APC political family is calling on the leadership to address the issues before it degenerate to the worst.
Secondly, the elders and critical stakeholders must be recognized and given the room to operate as conflict resolution.
We must call stakeholder’s meetings at all levels to resolve all issues of the party.
If APC must win in 2019, then it must respect internal Democratic tenets.
We need total overhauling before it is too late.

We must know that, the political philosophical foundation of the change that people voted is not what some people are witnessing. We must understand that the ideological and intellectual assumptions that separate the oppressors and the oppressed which led to the change is not respected.

We must therefore come to terms with sociological and economic factors that gave birth to the Change. A stitch in time saves nine, therefore, we must act fast before we loose grip of the the power that we all fought and sacrificed for.

We must form a formidable team before 2019 or the worst may happen soon.
Let him who have ears listen. GOD BLESS BENUE STATE.


  1. MR. AGADA says:

    I agree with you absolutely. But one question stand out, why did you use this medium and what makes you think using this medium may help us resolve our party issues you highlighted and some you did not state here?

    I hope our leaders will listen and have something done as soon as possible like you said. I feel terrible too but you can only be heard when you are either a senior citizen and therefore a stake holder or one with high status in the society and a member of the party, else…..

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