Open Grazing Prohibition Law: Herdsmen On Rampage In Azege, Logo & Tsaav, Guma, Benue State, Kill Two Brothers

By Josephine Akioyamen & Dr Sam Abah


It is true that Government Ortom by his stroke of genius of passing the Open Grazing Prohibition and Establishment of Ranches Law of Benue 2017 has won the war against Open Grazing in Benue. It is true that as a result of this law millions of cattle have been moved from Benue to neighbouring states of Kogi, Cross River, Nassarawa and Ebonyi. It is true that as a result of this influx, Cross River and Ebonyi are considering passing their own Anti Open Grazing Laws to stem any conflict that may be generated thereby.  It is true that the dominoes are falling into place and that Ranching which Ortom has been preaching since he entered into gubernatorial politics in 2014 are falling into place, and that in time it becomes the new common sense in the way cattle are raised, moved, and traded.

But zooming in from 34,000 feet into ground zero, it becomes clear that it is not yet Uhuru in Benue state. There are still battle raging in our towns and villages to mop up what is left of the recalcitrant herdsmen who has refused to obey the law and feels by virtue of his tradition he is not bound by the law the of state.

For example, there is a cry for help from Azege in Tombo Council Ward of Logo LGA, and Tsaav Council Ward of Guma LGA where right now Fulani herdsmen are rampaging with impunity.

The Youths of these two localities in Benue State are in Makurdi the State capital crying out loud to whoever cares to listen that they urgently need security intervention as the Fulani Herdsmen bluntly refused to vacate their land.

The herdsmen have formed a stronghold in the forest around River Benue from where they move into the farms in Guma and Logo and invade peoples farms.

Two brothers were killed by the Fulani Herdsmen in their farms.  According to their surviving brother Mr Jibo Terkimbi, who himself is a farmer; ” the herdsmen are not content in grazing in the bush but will come right into your farm to consume your crops. If you insist that they must move out then you will meet your death instantly”

When asked about the reaction of the Chiefs and Local Government Chairmen in the two Local Government Areas being attacked, Terkimbi said that the Chairmen and chiefs are aware but have not come up with any kind of security protection or attempts to arrest the invaders.

One thing common to all these Fulani herdsmen spreading this fresh terror is that they claim that they are not bothered about the Benue Open Grazing Prohibition Law in the State. They claim they openly violating it to test the will of the Ortom’s Administration to enforce it.

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  1. Where are Nigeria authority, the security ddss ,God will help us.

  2. […] When the case was mentioned, the Prosecutor Asp Imo Edward told the court that on the 2nd November, 2017 at about 07:30hrs, the DPO Logo Division received a distress call from the unit commander Police mobile force 13 squadron on special duty at Ayilamo that some Fulani herdsmen stormed Azege village shot and killed one Ortse Kwaghdoo aged 40yrs and also s… […]

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