N42Bn Compensation: Who Is A Patriot Between Gaadi and Tsav?

By Morgan Adikwu

“A Statesman does not make use of glib advertisement and PR campaign”

Forced to resume from my sabbatical of objective analysis, of the numerous fallacious diarrhoea of Abubakar Tsav. I seem to be astonished, that those who called, referring to my view on the supposed elder statesman, as too polemical, simply because, he is their uncle, never cautioned him of his many lies. Even those, who would advise me to concentrate on the failed leaders from zone C, because they have more commentators in zone A and B, to handle their affairs. Yet, the disgruntled former Lagos state police czar, never discontinued his delusion to mislead the good people of Benue, just to “mischievously” denigrate the office of the governor.

Away from the unavailable distraction, back to the subject matter. A patriot is someone, who loves, vigorously fight and prepared to die in the defence of his PEOPLE interest. While and elder statesman is a respected, experienced personality/leaders, whose advice is often sought. In the light of the modern day Benue and it’s challenging, where does Abubakar Tsav fall into, in the above definition of a patriot and elder statesman?

In the wake of 2001 military invasion of Zaki-biam, where over 2000 people were killed and properties worth hundredths of billion destroyed, where were the likes of Tsav? Rather, it was late Dr Alexander Gaadi, of the blessed memory who courageously stood in the gap, for over six years, challenging the inhumanity meted out in Zaki biam, in which #41.8 billion was awarded as compensation.

Just as the same moves are being adopted by the Tsav and his cohorts, to forestall the recovery of the over #107 billion loot, a “kangaroo” pro-democracy group from this same State, known as National Democratic Front (NDF), conspired with the previous government, denied the victims of the compensation, negotiated for #8 billion to be paid to then State government, after the death of Gaadi.

What happened to the #8 billion is history, same story of the #500 million of the flood compensation of 2012. If Bayelsa state, that was awarded #37 billion for Odi invasion was paid #15 billion as compensation, why #8 billion to Benue State, out of the #42 billion awarded by the court? Where was Tsav, and his hypocritic love for Benue State?

My worries, even if Tsav did not consider himself as a supposed elder, that ought not to be involved in media hooliganism. At least, he should endeavour to see himself as someone, who had served the public as a commissioner of police, who needs no lesson on how to approach sensitive issues and how to address the public.

Rather, the former Commissioner of police attitude to the public falls short of the postulation of “Developmental Psychology” that state, when one attained a certain age, “legacy and integrity”, ought to be his utmost importance, and this will serve as a motivation to the younger generation.

Tsav, it is not too late to retract from your path, and toll the noble course. Even if Tsav will not support the government but he should at least, support the recovery of the looted #107 billion

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