Must Read:Benson Abounu Unites warring Factions of the APC in Okpokwu LG

The Benue State Deputy Governor, Engr. Benson Abounu on the 10th of December 2017 visited Okpokwu LG to harmonizes the APC factions in the LG. He reiterated the fact that Leadership comes from God who gives it to whoever he wants, hence, all factions should submit their loyalty to the Executive Chairman Hon. Olofu and maintain a cordial relationship. He recalled that Okpokwu have it to the full in terms of appointment and portfolios in this administration of Gov. Samuel Ortom, hence much is expected in reciprocation. He advised in reverse that the Chairman should onwardly call for party meetings and build a positive cohesion that would stand the test of time. He however recognized that the Chairman’s focus on project works and insecurities, took much of his attentions.

The Deputy Gov. emphatically said the issue of salaries, pension and arrears owned in the State would be cleared on or before the end of March, 2018, as all factors against that has been dealt with and the federal govt willingness to intervene.

On his part, the Chairman of the LG, Hon. Olofu Ogwuche, gave his word and promised to deliver the party come 2019. He advised that all stakeholders should bury their grudges and personal interests to that much has been achieved already and more would be achieved in the future! He rightly drew their attentions to some projects already done and the insecurities been curbed. He boasted that from January 2018, party politics would begin in earnest and with all sense of commitment. He advised all intra party factions to contribute their positive ideologies to building a formidable party structures instead of working parallel in rebellion and futility! “Everyone is welcome to build with me as the anticipated victory would be to the benefits of all.

The meeting was to set the record straight for all to maintain status quo in pursuit and focus of electoral victories

The meeting was hosted by the Executive Chairman of the LG, Hon. Francis Olofu Ogwuche also in attendance are: the State Deputy Speaker – Hon. James Ejembi Okefe who is one of the Bonafide Leaders in Okpokwu and the 4th person in political hierarchy of the State! Okefe promised the Deputy Gov. that henceforth and precisely from the 22/12/17, a rebirth of Okpokwu APC would be seen and heard as he would support the Executive Chairman to call frequent meetings and build a formidable APC in the LG.

The S. A. to the Gov. on Water and environment – Hon. Idoko Godwin, all the Legislators of the LG, past Chairpersons, stakeholders of the LG, Elder Statemen etc, we’re in attendance.

The State Chairman of the APC – Comrade Abba Yaro and his zone C counterpart – Comrade Hassan Muhammad were present to grease the occasion.

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