The Benue State Deputy Governor Engr Benson Abounu in reaction to the defamatory story making rounds on a lowly rated blog operated by a quack blogger and an e thug for the main opposition party in Benue State whos name is not worthy of been mentioned accusing the Deputy Governor of sleeping with his wifes ordely, the deputy Governor laughed over what he describes as the very funny and wicked attempt to discredit his person by publishing stories which only exist in the mind and imagination of the said author.

It will be recalled that on the 12th of May 2017, a notorious story forger who has been responsible for spreading so many lies against top politicians in the state, and who prides him self as a publisher of a news paper which only exist on his facebook page, accused the Dept Gov’ s wife, Her Excellency, Justice Mary Abounu of assaulting a police officer over affairs with her Husband. The story went further to provide the name is the police officer as one Inspector Jane Agbo, he went further to claim Inspector Jane was single with out kids and that the said “relationship” with the Dept Gov led to her dismissal from the Dept Governor’s lodge. The publisher of the story went further to provide a fake glo number claiming the number belonged to Inspector Jane.

On the contrary, investigation by our crack reporters revealed that the story was not only a lie but an attempt to smear the good name and image of the Deputy Governor by desperate opposition politicians who are intimidated by the continuous growing profile and influence of the Dept Governor in the State and Nigeria as a whole. The writer claimed that Inspector Jane was single and not married, but reliable sources have revealed that Inspector Jane who only Lost her beloved husband about three months ago is married and blessed with four (4) lovely Children. Also our very reliable source who pleaded not to be mentioned went further to ascertain that Mrs Jane Agbo was never the orderly of the Wife of the Deputy Governor but a mear court room security assistant. Also reports have it that Inspector Jane Agbo was recently promoted to the rank of an Inspector from the rank of a sergeant, and as a result of that she was redeployed to the Otukpo Police Command to take on a new challenge.

When contacted by IPN, his Excellency exclaimed with a laugh and denied all allegations and stories spread online about him.. In his words the Dept Gov asked “is this not thesame Aare that has been trying to turn my people against me by deceiving them with fake stories? First it was the story about Catholic Rev father in Abuja which did not hold water because everybody knows i am a devoted Christian and a Knight of the Methodist Church, then he lied again about me and Okefe having issues, that also did not hold water as my people know me better than a Yoruba man who pays so much intrest in Benue politics, and now this one again, my Wife’s orderly is Philemon Thomas and not Abgo Jane besides his stories dont bother me again because my peopl knows he is a big SCAM and a notorious peddler of fake stories, you can call my wife and ask her, we know nothing of what he has published”.

When IPN put a call to Her Excellency, Justice Mary Abounu, she also laughed off the story and made us understand that her Orderly is Philemon Thomas and not Jane Agbo, Jane was my Court room Security assistant so i dont know where he got his stories from. She also went further to express her dissatisfaction with the manner of journalism now a days, she said journalist must stick the the ethics of the work, make sure they have established facts before publishing any kind of story.

Meanwhile efforts to reach the number claimed to be that of Inspector Jane proved abortive, further investigations from Glo by our crack reporters revealed that the number is not even listed on the glo network.


  1. None says:

    Your wife has an orderly even though you are just a mere deputy governor???? I thought you and your boss promised to end cooperation and impunity in Benue State?

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