What Must Benue Do Now In The Face Of These Illogical Absurdities?

By Samuel Gar

Samuel Gar

When a very junior officer like Special Assistant to the EXECUTIVE GOVERNOR of BENUE STATE challenges his boss PUBLICLY and goes scot free, it is a sign of grave weakness and loss of focal power by that superior! It is a sordid but obvious proof and sign that this subordinate is being tele-guided and directed and spurred by an authority that is superior to that of his superior. It equally means that his loyalty and allegiance are to another authority and not his immediate boss. Don’t be surprised that it is this same external power that forced his appointment on the State Governor!

When a Commissioner of Police that ought to take directives from the Governor (who is constitutionally designated as Chief Security Officer of a State) turns round and declines an order from his superior and goes on to publicly confront and scorn his superior’s directive and yet goes scot free, it is indeed a sad and regrettable sign that something is grossly wrong. It’s an unfortunate sign that things are falling apart.

I remember that the Governor said some time ago that some of his officers are ignoring his directives. He went on to give them another two weeks to comply. I was flabbergasted! What will make a subordinate to flout a Governor’s order, instruction, or directive, unless, of course, he is covered and secured by a higher power? The other time, the Chairman of SUBEB had to give his subordinates 48 hours to release Teachers’ salaries. There are several of these laxities, insubordinations, and unruliness of subordinate officers in this administration. What this shows is that there is a shadow Governor or the Governor is himself not in control or is losing control or has lost control of power! And this is sad! Very sad!!

When the State’s Chief Security Officer directs that any Fulani herdsman found in possession of weapons should face the full wrath of the law, and these herdsmen are still killing and maiming Benue people without repercussions, it simply means that something is awfully wrong. When Tiv youth (owners of the land) are arrested and detained and charged to court (at the slightest instance) for demonstrating and protesting Fulani atrocities, but no single one of the Fulanis perpetrating these heinous crimes has been arrested or charged or convicted for the over six years that the invasion has lasted, is an ominous sign that Benue State is really in deep trouble.

When Fulani herdsmen have taken over twelve out of twenty three Local Government Councils (or even twelve as the Governor’s Special Assistant on FULANI MATTERS!!!!!!!!!!) has claimed, and government is unable to do anything to protect the lives and properties of her citizens, it is a cruel sign that Benue State is at the mercy of these invaders!

When it becomes necessary for Benue State to appoint a NON-INDIGENE and a topnotcher of a Group that has INVADED, IS STILL INVADING and is CURRENTLY DESTROYING and OCCUPYING Benue State as a member of government – two in fact, as a Special Adviser and Special Assistant on Fulani Matters or Herdsmen Affairs (what a shame!), it is a humiliating but/and laughable sign that there is something serious wrong with Benue’s political elite! And this is obviously a gruesome sign that Benue State is indeed sliding towards Trojan self destruction!
I don’t know what you think. Permit me to rest my case!

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