Mugabe to address the nation today and step down – reports

Reports emerging today are that the embattled President Robert Mugabe will address the nation today before stepping down in peace on condition they agreed on yesterday.

A source said following a lengthy discussion with the Military, yesterday late afternoon Mugabe accepted to step down after the conditions to protect and secure his family and assets when he leaves or dies were all agreed.

“The agreement was that he would address the nation today to say his Goodbyes as he had been assured full Presidential protection. In the evening President Jacob Zuma of South Africa called him to say don’t accept. Zuma said he would tell Sadc to reject the Army’s plans. Yesterday there was a meeting in Gaborone Botswana remember. Zuma called Sadc to tell them that Mugabe is no longer going and let’s support him. Botswana President Khama rejected that and was very angry such that he left the meeting,” said the source.

“Zuma became very worried as Sadc was divided between that issue and Mugabe again to say okay, accept to step down but insist on choosing to appoint a successor you want. Mugabe told the Generals that he will only step but will appoint my successor, the Military told him to reinstate ED and let him take over, and Mugabe has been refusing that, insisting that I cant let ED take over, I fired him constitutionally as I had the powers to do so. So, because of that, there is a deadlock and Sadc has given the Generals until Sunday 19 November to normalise everything and leave the streets, otherwise, they may consider action against Zimbabwe.”

The source said action may mean sanctions against Zimbabwe, they may switch off power supplies and take Military action and so forth.

“That is the issue in brief but meanwhile, don’t lose hope. it’s not over and I think common sense will prevail. Meanwhile, there are plans for a National Solidarity march in support of the Military removing Mugabe. Saturday 18 November is being pencilled and is being declared an ‘Independence day’ as all Zimbabweans march to Statehouse to force Mugabe out if he is still there,” said the source.

“The Military and The War vets are fully behind the march so nothing to fear. No Police will stop anyone. The MDC Alliances are also reportedly in support but I haven’t verified that with them. I will share with you details once this is finalised. Public Transport and Kombis will be ferrying people for free. It’s a national thing.

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