IPN EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW WITH HON. GEORGE ALLI_”We will bring in Agro Companies to supply Fertilizers and herbicides at government subsidized rates”


“We will bring in Agro Companies to supply Fertilizers and herbicides at Local government subsidized rates” George Alli

IPN sat down with business man and Politician Honourable George Alli, the standard flag bearer of the APC at the June 3rd Benue State Local Government Election.  The distingushed honorable in his usual humble self had this to say…


IPN- Good Morning Distinguished Honourable, can you please state your name for the record?

GEORGE ALLI- My name is George Alli flag bearer of the All Progressive Congress APC for Otukpo LG Benue State at the June 3rd LG elections, i dont know, i prefer George Alli but people keep saying why not use Honourable George Alli, but i want to be simple as much as possible so please call me George Alli.
IPN- How has the response been from your Campaigns in communities and wards you have visited?

GEORGE ALLI- I want to say the response from all the wards and communities visited so far have been very very fantastic, you know that i am not new to politics and leadership, i was in the State House of Assembly from 2007 to 2011, i am a grass root politician and at the same time a business man, so i know what it takes for you to sell your self to the electorates. I see myself as a product and i have been able to package this product very well. In terms of achievements, i have done alot too when i spent just six months as Sole Administrator of Otukpo Local Government and i think that is working very well for me now because we have combed the nooks and crannies of the local government and we know what our people want. I tell you if we hold this election tomorrow i will get close to about 85% of the total votes cast in a free and fair election.

IPN- What are your plans for Youth, Student development and local farmers in Otukpo Local Government?

GEORGE ALLI- First i want to talk to the Students and youths, because they are all at home now, we all know what politicians do, they use youths and students as thugs for elections and keep their own children at home, i want youth to stay away from such politicians, because they do not mean well for them. If anybody including me come out and tell the youths to make trouble please say a big no because you will be used and dumped when elections are over, the educated ones and entrepreneurs will be carried along instead, i want the youths and Students vote me in to power and we will partner together to create job opportunities and get them out of the the streets, for students, we shall also partner with Private Companies in Otukpo and with the help of state and Federal government we see how we can assist students in school, build more class room blocks like i have already done and will still do when voted into power. For the local farmers, we have a lot to do, like i told you because of my business background, we are looking, at how we can form Agro partnership with Local Farmers and bring in reliable companies that can assist the farmers with new technologies, farming techniques and herbicides, i did that in my six months as Sole Ad but because of my limited time i did it on small scale. We will bring in Agro Companies to supply Fertilizers and herbicides at government subsidized rates, and it might intrest you to know that i am working with IFAD too, and they are building a Rice Mill Farm here as it is now, and this are people that will come in, and support with farm implements and quality seedlings, they call it HOME GROWN SCHEME, and most of our local farmers dont even know about all this things. When we come in, we will form Co-operatives and partner with with ones already established, and push this idea and i also can Stand as a Guarantor for them to access Loans and Grants, and even the Local Government can also give out loans too when things improve in the state. I dont see any reason why we should not do a scheme were this local farmers can come, get loans, this will assist them and after harvest, they sell and pay back.

IPN- On women development?

GEORGE ALLI- The Ortom/Abounu Led Administration have tried in making sure Women are carried along in governance at state level, especially my party the APC who have about seven women contesting for Chairman and several other Women as vice Chairmen in their various councils, so i dont think Otukpo Local Government will be any different, we will and are already carrying women along in the scheme of things. Women form majority of the voters and they are the ones who vote and wait till the end to defend their votes so Women Development is a very important aspect of my intentions as chairman.

IPN- How do you intend to develop infrastructure and make a case for Otukpo about the deadly OTUKPO ENUGU FEDERAL ROAD and round about to the State and Federal goverment which has taken the lives of many of our people especially Students, traders and farmers?

GEORGE ALLI- For the Federal Road you just mentioned, it is a major major project, even the State Government at the moment can not take on that project with out the help of the federal government because of the dwindling finances of the state at the moment, so i will be day dreaming if i say Local Govt will do it, but what we can do is try to make the road motorable by filling the pot holes with stones, latraxs, and even concrete to make sure we ease the problem for our people. I want to commend Comr ACHA JOHN the National Senate President of Idoma Students and his group too for staging the protest which included CONCERNED IDOMA YOUTHS group and many other youth Groups about the bad Otukpo-Enugu Federal Road in question. I am sure that protest went a great deal to force the contractors Rock Bridge Construction Ltd back to site. We have heard that money has been paid for that particular project and what happened to that money, hmmm only God knows but we on our own part can make Rock Bridge live up to their Corporate Responsibilities to our Society. We can partner with them and make them build roads on our streets as part of their Corporate Social responsibility.

IPN- Tomorrow is election what are your advise for the people of Otukpo Local Government and Benue as a whole as they go on to cast their votes?

GEORGE ALLI- I will first of all like to appeal to my teaming supporters and and opposition supporters to please maintain order and be peaceful while exercising their fundamental right and duty of voting, election is not a do or die affair, we must try to be peaceful in our dealings and avoid any form of trouble at fights at the polling Units, we must remeber that our welfare and safety comes first before any other thing this we must not engage on issues that will destroy property, deprive voters from voting, and killing each other. We must avoid all form of election thuggery and Brigandage to move foward as a people. I also want to urge all my supporters to come out in large and vote for the APC.

IPN- Thank you for your time George Alli, and good luck in your election.

GEORGE ALLI- Thank you and God bless you.

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