Idoma Politicians Committing Class Suicide

By Emmanuel Owobi

The political antecedent of the ldoma people in Benue politics is always dogged with litany of woes,betrayals,conspiracies and treacherous compromises.

The highest political height any ldoma politician can aspire to attain in the state is that of the deputy governorship.

They have so relegated themselves to mere political appendage and pawns in the hands of their major political contenders in the state.

Historically, the capital of Benue state was earmarked to be cited in Otukpo,considering its centrality,the level of its infrastructural development and cosmopolitan nature, but over night the plan was overturned. Some rapacious and greedy ldoma elites were bribed and they traded off the location of the state capital. That pernicious and wicked horse-trading was clandestinely carried out in the dead night,in the following morning Murtala used a red biro to cancel Otukpo and replaced it with Makurdi, an indescribable,poor and obscure settlement nestling at the boundary of the old Plateau state.

The gall of heart less individualism,petty squabbles and personality clashes still marred the ldoma chances of getting state of their own during the military dictatorship. lBB had couple of dependable friends,who jealously protected and consolidated his regime among the ldoma military officers. But he refused to create a state for them because he feared it could trigger fratricidal war among his ldoma friends. Abacha also had that similar problem with ldoma military brass in his government before he finally decided to give the ldoma’s slot to his people in Lafia, the Nasarawa state.

The monstrous self afflicted injury also crept into the democratic era,where during party primary elections ldoma contesters were preposterously and ridiculously donating their votes to their Tiv counterparts to grab deputy governorship position .

ldoma never occupied the apex positions in any of the three arms of government in Benue state;  but the tantalizing opportunity came in 20l5 for one of them to become the speaker of Benue State House of Assembly; but another ldoma Judas dashed that hope.

The ldoma politicians are brazenly opportunistic,materialistic and mendaciously cheap. With this mindset and this class of self serving,egoistic and myopic ldoma politicians is wobbling and floundering irretrievably into political Armageddon.

This is the bitter truth and many political apologists,armchair critics and hypocrites will never agree with me on this controversial issue. Let them eschew pettifogging,rancorous clannish bickering and perfidious treachery to save their political destiny from damnation. Our Tiv brothers will concede power to us only if we jettison these odious vices and see the big picture of collective political destiny.

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