Where Are The Idoma Governorship Aspirants?

By Emmanuel Owobi

Since the creation of Benue state, the ldoma people have been pushed to the periphery of power in the state.The bemoaning fate of the ldoma people in Benue politics is not only regrettable but a monumental tragedy.The total subjugation of one of the critical stakeholders in Benue politics spells doom for participatory election, equity and good conscience.

The greatest peril to the ldoma political emancipation and relevance in the state is lack of unity of purpose.The perpetual wranglings, personality clashes, innate egoism and crass megalomania of ldoma politicians expose them to political manipulation, impotency and divide and rule strategy in the game of power.

Now the political permutations for the governorship of the state have started in earnest.There is no serious effort made by any ldoma politician to contest for the governorship of the state.They are either overwhelmed, crippled or frustrated by the series of political misfortunes they suffered in the past or developed sheer apathy.

The politicians of ldoma extraction should put their house in order; before they become a formidable force to be reckoned with in power equation in the state.A situation where they are always teleguided, micromanaged and manipulated to nurture the ambitions of their rivals from other zones compound their political travails in the state.

lt is for their overall political interests to shun political greed, not to be used as stooges or puppets by political lord outside the zone.Power is not always given on the platter of silver but grabbed by any means that can justify the end.

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