Harrowing: Kim Kardashian Was Held at Gunpoint In Her Paris Hotel Room

Kanye West abruptly ends his show in NYC upon learning the news.

Prayers up for Kim Kardashian.

The reality star was apparently held at gunpoint in her Paris hotel room by two men dressed as police officers, CNN reports. She is unharmed, but badly shaken, according to sources. Kim’s husband Kanye West abruptly ended his show at The Meadows in New York City to be by her side.

“Kim Kardashian West was held up at gunpoint inside her Paris hotel room this evening, by two armed masked men dressed as police officers. She is badly shaken but physically unharmed,” Kim’s spokesperson Ina Treciokas confirmed.

Upon learning the news, West abruptly ended his concert, telling the audience he had a “family emergency” before rushing off stage. “Dude just ran on stage and grabbed Kanye and he said, ‘Sorry guys, family emergency I have to leave the show’ and just ran off the stage,” an eyewitness said on Twitter. “It was wild, too, because Kanye ignored the dude at first like on some ‘I can’t leave’ and dude wouldn’t leave without Kanye leaving with him.”

Kim is in Paris with her mother Kris Jenner and sisters Kendall Jenner and Kourtney Kardashian. We’re glad she’s safe, and our thoughts are with her.


COPS OUTSIDE KIM’S APT.SplashNewsOnline.com

Armed gunmen broke into Kim Kardashian‘s Paris apartment, taped her mouth shut and stole more than $10 million in jewelry and the emergency rippled quickly all the way to New York … where Kanye bolted from the stage mid-concert.

There were 5 gunmen, posing as cops, who threatened the concierge and made him open the door to her room.

Our sources say at least 2 gunmen bound and gagged Kim with handcuffs and tape and then put her in the bathtub. We’re told Kim begged them to spare her life, telling them she had babies at home.

The gunmen knew exactly what they were doing … we’re told they beelined it for her jewelry and took a $4.5 million ring and a jewelry box.

After the gunmen left she was able to break out of the restraints and called for help.

We’re told Kim was badly shaken but unharmed, calling it “the worst moment in my life.” She was interviewed by police and then hurriedly left Paris by private jet.

I GOTTA GO@_lulubeans

As for Kanye … he was performing at the Meadows Festival in Queens, NY — Yeezy was jamming in the middle of “Heartless” when he cut the music and made the announcement, stunning the crowd.


Hours before the robbery Kim posted video of her showing off outfits and wishingBlac Chyna a happy baby shower.

She was staying in a luxury apartment complex, in a room similar to this one.


Story developing …

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