His Excellency, the Executive Governor of Benue State, Samuel Ortom has just this very minute signed into law the “Bill for a Law to Prohibit Open Rearing and Grazing of Livestock and Provide for the Establishment of Ranches and Livestock Administration, Regulation and Control and Other Matters Connected Therewith, 2017” and others…

Ladies and gentlemen, this signature is indeed powerful and mighty like the Aaron’s Staff, by it on this Bill, section 19 (4) & (5) has ordered henceforth: MOVEMENT OF LIVESTOCK ON FOOT FROM ONE DESTINATION TO ANOTHER IN THE STATE IS HEREBY PROHIBITED. such movement shall only be by rail, wagon, truck or pick-up wagon. Any person (s) found moving livestock on foot within or across urban centres, rural settlements or any part of the state commit an offence and is liable to:
(a) for the first offender N500, 000.00 or one year imprisonment or both;
(b) for the second offender, N1, 000, 000.00 or three years imprisonment or both.

By this law, every herdsman must ranch his cattle. Section 14 provides that “every ranch shall have a fence as shall be prescribed by the Department
Section 19 (6&7) provides that, livestock owners, managers and ranchers shall not possess fire arms or arms licensed or unlicensed on the ranch or outside the ranch; Any livestock owner, rancher or his agent who possesses or owns fire arms or arms shall be prosecuted under the Robbers and Firearms (special provision) Act.

Section 24 provides for the establishment of a Special Livestock Open Grazing Prohibition Task Force for the state with units in each Local Government Area of the State.

By the making of this law, The Grazing Reserve Law Cap. 72, Laws of Benue State, 2004 is hereby repealed and all instruments made there-under that affect grazing of livestock shall be modified in line with the provisions of this law; section 36.

The Governor like I said recently, has became the first governor ever in the history of Nigeria to poke the stubborn Fulani Herdsmen in the face by holistically proffering a lasting solution to the unending problems of Fulani killings in Nigeria. His name has indeed written “boldly”in the historical gold book of Nigeria’s great men. This also mean that, historical and intellectual search light has been at this very moment beamed on him for reference purposes and intellectual consumptions.

More on this in a shortwhile….

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