Fulani Terrorist Herdsmen Kill 2 Catholic Priests, and 15 Ors, In Mbalom, Benue State

The town of Mbalom in Gwer East Local Government of Benue State was thrown into mourning today as two popular Catholic Priests and 15 members of their laity were brutally murdered by Fulani terrorist herdsmen.

According to survivors reports, Father Joseph Gor and Father Felix Tyolaha were performing the early morning Mass rite when they and their laity were set upon by Fulani herdsmen and killed.

Among those killed are:

  1. Mr Peter Dick, the headmaster of St Wilfred Anagbe Primary School
  2. Mr Ape Chia, the headmaster LGEA Primary School Turan Ayar,
  3. Mr Michael Tor Principal UBE Ayar
  4. Mr John Ivor, a Catholic Catechist
  5. Mr Tyolaha Bee
  6. Mr Kimbir Bee
  7. Mr Akula Liamzua
  8. Mr Lorakaa Kazever

and many others yet to be accounted for.

It should be recalled that sometime in January this year Father Joseph in a prescient post on his Facebook profile had warned of the presence of the terrorist Fulani herdsmen thus:

Bodies of the Victims of the Fulani Terrorist Herdsmen attack at Mbalom

Today he is dead as a result of the malfeasance of our governments.



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  1. The Fulani terrorists are been used to eliminate Christians & islamized Nigeria.Benue stopped Utman Danfodio opportunity of Authority has geared them to accomplish their project, Christmas must rise up to say no, defend themselves, ensure emergence of their seed’s in power and to shine their eyes. Two Rev priests with many other’s lives are wasted today while they were praying. Note that the militia are all the way from Lybiia according to Commander in Chief of the country, but we can’t be protected from external attacks in the country and yet,we are still in slumber? U will be blamed

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