Francis Ottah Agbo Is A Threat To PDP

By Otse Kelvin Otse

It is no longer a news that Francis ottah Agbo, who have the believe of contesting for Ado, Okpokwu and Ogbadibo House of Representative comes 2019, have been having a hidden romance with the All Progressive Congress ( A.P.C) and after a confrontation by the party faithful, Francis Ottah Agbo denied the allegations.

But on the 9/9/2017, one of our own, a political bulldozer, a grassroots mobilizers Hon Richard Oriri and Hon Sunday Onah with others returned to the party, but it was very obvious that Francis ottah Agbo did all his humanly possible to stop the occasion from holding by stopping all the p.d.p party excos from coming to welcome our returnees.

This is a cleared indication that Francis ottah Agbo did not have the interest of the party any more, because if he those, they should not be any reasons why he would have stop the excos from coming to welcome those we needed most at this point in time.

I urged the state party chairman and excos to pls come to the aids of the Ijigban people by inaugurating a caretaker excos of the ward in other for the ward not to be left out in a day to days activities of the party.

Despite calls to party stakeholders not to come for the ceremony because they will be a crisis, because of the interest people have for the returnees their was a massive crowd at the occasion which showed clearly that P.D.P have come to stay in ARI axis

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