Engr Nat Apir: The Making Of A Godfather

By Nathaniel Ikyur

Two great politicians in Nigeria were known to exhibit some unique but workable initiatives that gave them head up in their political domain. One is late Alhaji Lamidi Adedibu, the fiery Ibadan politician who was renowned for his ‘amala’ brand of politics. Then in nearby Kwara state, Dr Abubakar Olusola Saraki, a trained medical doctor turned politician and father to incumbent President of the Senate, Bukola held the people of old Kwara to do his bidding anytime elections were on. Both Adedibu and Saraki had a firm grip on their enclave politically which is why they produced candidates for all offices in their states they controlled. That’s how they became political godfathers. This trend cuts across all states but in different shades.

Strangely, young Turks in our political history think that Godfatherism is evil or that starts and ends up only in Benue State with a particular personality. How wrong. Now, right before our eyes, an emerging personality seems to be rising. You may dismiss this at your peril.

I’ve known Engr Nat Apir for years. And that is in the church. I think running into four decades now. He’s outspoken. Blunt to a fault if you like. But above all, he’s generous. Don’t ask me how generous cos these pictures and often times behind the scene philanthropic gesture he indulges in speaks volumes. No wonder he has a colony of followership that idolises his views. Some call him the Cicero. Others say he’s Elder. Some may even call him names am not privy to. But above all, he’s a consummate leader capable of swaying public commentaries and thoughts.

Apir is an engineer with the knowledge that surpasses his field. In politics, governance inter-governmental field, he’ll share his points to actionable takeoffs. He believes that in life, good relationships are the core drivers of equal opportunities. Long st4short, Apir’s generosity comes at the time others are scratching their heads to meet a need. His gestures may not necessarily be a reward now or later. But tell me, when he comes knocking at the door of most of these beneficiaries of his human disposition, will they turn him off? I don’t think so. And that’s how godfathers begin to build confidence. Apir is building one. And I know he’ll surely receive tons of goodwill at the right time. No matter or HP little such a demand out forward night be.

Thank you Engineer Nat Apir


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