The Day Lagos Became Tiv Land And The Day Of The Accident That Wasn’t

By Josephine Akioyamen

The Day Lagos Became Tiv Land

Lagos, once the capital of Nigeria, is the biggest and most cosmopolitan city in Yorubaland, South West Nigeria. It is home to some 15 million Nigerians but on Saturday, the 18th day of November 2017, it wore the colour of Tiv land albeit temporarily. It was on this day, that the Engr. Edward Ujege led Mdzough U Tiv (MUT) came into Lagos to showcase the wonders that are the Tiv Culture in an event put in place by its branch in Lagos and dubbed, “Tiv Cultural Fiesta 2017”.

The event was a sight to behold. Sonorous Tiv Music rents the air. Dancers choreographed to perfection performed the Tiv Traditional Dances. Food, especially of the Traditional kind, were flowing in overabundance. In speech after speech, the beautiful stories of Tiv land were showcased to the teeming guests that overflowed unto the streets abutting the Blue Roof,  Lagos Television LTV Alausa Ikeja opposite Coca-Cola, the venue of the occasion.  Lagos was wrapped in the thrall of the beauty of the people called Tiv.

Lagos was represented by the Hon (Mrs) Adebimpe Akinsola, Commissioner for Tourism, Art and Culture. The Iyaloja General of Nigeria, Chief Folashade Tinubu-Ojo also sent representatives.  The Governor of Benue State was represented by his Chief of Staff, Hon Terwase Orbunde. Also present were  Secretary MUT, Dr Boniface Azer Ukende, The Youth President MUT, Timothy Terhemba, Arc Achado Asema, Dr Wilfred Uji,  Prof David Ker, Chief Amb. Ochi E.O, Council Chairman, Middle Belt Traditional Council South West.

The President General of Mdzough U Tiv worldwide, Engr. Edward Ujege used the occasion to promote the relationship between the Tiv people and the people of Lagos. He highlighted the commonalities and the long historical relationship between Lagos and Tiv land. He also talked about the Open Grazing Prohibition Law just passed in Benue. He broke it down to its parts and explained it in a simple way as possible on how the law is going to become economically beneficial, not only to Benue but to the Fulani herdsmen and rest of the country.  His speech was very well received.  It was altogether a great day for Tiv land.


The Day Of The Accident That Wasn’t

On Sunday the 19th November 2017, Engr Ujege took a flight from Lagos to Abuja. He was filled with the joy of having begun to achieve one of his promises of his MUT Presidency, that is to spread the culture of his people to the four corners of the Earth. He was accompanied to the Airport by the Branch President MUT Lagos Hon Kwaghbo Simeon,  Joseph Ikyurior, the Media and Publicity Secretary, who drove him to the Airport, Francis Kuma Terseer, Vice president, Lagos MUT, Tomga Aondowase, Treasurer, Asartse Christopher, Financial Secretary,  Aseer Vande, Chief of Staff,   and Tor Celestine, Welfare.



From Left to Right: Lagos Branch President MUT Hon Kwaghbo Simeon, Engr Edward Ujege, President General, MUT World Wide and Joseph Ikyurior, the Media and Publicity Secretary at the lounge of the local wing of the Murtala Mohammed Airport, Lagos on November 19, 2017

His flight with Midview Airline was uneventful. He landed in Abuja by 12:16 pm. But when he got to Markudi, later in the day, a storm hit.  He was greeted by the news that he was involved in an accident around Onitsha. It turns out that IPN News had been misled by one Undu Joseph Saater, who represented himself as the Publicity Secretary, MUT Lagos Chapter, into leading with that story. The real Publicity Secretary of Lagos, Mr Joseph Ikyurior,  commented on the post which screenshot is attached below, he never did anything to correct that impression about the President General. IPN later retracted the story and apologized to Engr Ujege which he accepted. 

Engr Ujege was worried when he read the news on Queendoosh blog who syndicated it from IPN. He was worried because he had earlier received a call when he landed at the Airport from the Secretary-General of Mdzough U Tiv worldwide, Dr. Boniface Ukende, that a bus belonging to Mdzough which had left Lagos before him had nearly collided with an articulated Truck (Trailer) but escaped and in the process fell into a ditch.  It was nothing major except that the glasses of the windows of the passenger side got broken and some passengers suffered minor injuries. 

It turned out that the President was not involved in an accident at all and that Mr Joseph Undu Saater, a Journalist and former staffer of Vanguard Newspaper, who belong to a group which calls itself the true MUT of Lagos but unrecognized by the President General MUT and his Exco did this out of mischievous intent.


It was a day of an accident that wasn’t.


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