Why David Mark Should Go For The Presidential Race

By Emmanuel Owobi

The present political odds favour Mark. I must confess that l am not a good political fan of him.He never inspires me as an astute politician or a populist who holds everybody spellbound when he speaks.He has never been generous with his personal fortunes nor performs superlatively as a power broker in the Nigerian political equation either.

But he commands appreciable respect among his peers.He exudes a great charisma and confidence in the corridors of power.He is a minority that breaks the myth of the banana peels in the Senate.He rarely speaks but carries a lot of weight when he breaks that self-imposed code of silence.He brings maturity to bear on the legislative matters.

The considerable stability that prevailed in the Jonathan presidency was attributed to his political sagacity and manoeuvrability. Again, the major parties have decided to give their tickets to the North, the zone he hails from.The core North has got more than her fair share in power domination and it will be reasonable that power migrates to other parts of the country.

His immediate constituency, the Nigerian military, is not too willing to leave the political arena to the bloody civilians with their characteristic riotous nature and indiscipline.They always keep a gaze on the political scene to avert any disastrous surprise.He is in a good book of the self-opinionated granddaddy of Nigerian politics, OBJ. The military generals always enjoy comradeship and active support from their colleagues.

He is a minority who naturally enjoys the benefits of the geopolitical proximity with the South, and a certain degree of cultural affinity with our big brothers in the East and the sympathy of our South-South brethren.He is from Middle Belt, a region that is not officially recognized as such but balances the political equilibrium in the country, He is a Christian Northerner who is always comfortable at home both in the North and South of the geopolitical divide.His presidency will assuage the bad blood stirred in the hearts Nigerian over the conspiracy to grab power from a minority underdog like him.lt will be a splendid surprise if he does not throw himself into the foray of the Nigerian presidency.

2 Responses to Why David Mark Should Go For The Presidential Race

  1. morgan paul iheko says:

    We are expecting him to come!, I suport him, if his presidential intention is been disclose.

  2. I am praying 2 God that when he come’s he will succeeds in the presidential election

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