Come 2019: Benue People are Waiting for Heaven’s Wrath on Samuel Ortom


By Asawa Joseph

Since assumption of office two years plus, the accidental governor of Benue state have been employing and deploying every available arsenal of vengeance to get at those he perceived as standing in his way to Makurdi Government House come 2019.

Instead of delivering on his campaign promises, the Chatter-man governor has been using state resources and materials to wage unnecessary war against his predecessor, Rt. Hon. Gabriel Torwua Suswam and members of the Peoples Democratic Party.

Whenever Samuel Ortom is unable to pay workers’ salaries after collecting huge sums of money from the federal government either as monthly allocation, bail-out, Paris Club Refund or other interventionist programmes and billions of naira from internal and external borrowing, he attributed his failure to Rt. Hon. Gabriel Suswam.

At every public forum, Ortom is always singing the same song that his inability to perform is as a result of meeting an empty treasury which he claimed that Rt. Hon. Dr Gabriel Suswam and his administration pilfered.

The truth is that if the Suswam administration really tampered with such humongous amount been brandished by the alleged snake farmer, he too must be found culpable having participated fully as an inner circle actor both at the state and national levels.

But the real intention of these ceaseless wars is to politically render Rt. Hon. Gabriel Suswam irrelevant in the contest for Benue North-east Senatorial Seat come 2019.

These “Crucify him! Crucify him” at all cost is being fuelled by the Stong man of Mbakor who is on the mission to bring any prospective and colourful politician from Zone ‘A’ down. He is only following the steps which he started when he was the governor of Benue state. In fact, how that Mbakor man humiliated Senator BAI Gemade out of office then as National Chairman of the PDP as well as persecuting former governor Moses Orshio Adasu to death when he noticed their towering political profile from Zone ‘A’ is still fresh at heart.

It is a paradox however that the snake farmer himself had made a vow that “In Benue, if you chop money, money will chop you” and that if he did not perform, God should kill him. Hehehe…

Clearly, Ortom has failed on all material particular and has converted state resources into personal use, building Oracle Conglomerate and several other business concern. State resources are stolen left and right like never before. To cover up the mismanagement, the Suswam must be jailed project has taken the front burner.

However, a precedent has been set. Today it may be Rt. Hon. Gabriel Suswam but surely, another day will come to the turn of the ‘Snake Farmer’.

His case will even be worse because he has not only deceived the people of Benue state but has also deceived God.

As we await the punishment of Heaven on this fake governor who is fond of mentioning the name of God in vain, our conviction is that persecution will strengthen Rt. Hon. Gabriel Suswam the more.

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