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Fulani Terrorist Herdsmen: Ortom And The Committee Of Snakes

  By Dr Ushakuma Anenga Two days ago, a deadly snake (pictured) was killed by a student at Benue State University medical school. According to eyewitnesses, the snake was lurking around the male hostel, trying to enter one of the

The Chieftaincy Law In Edo State Needs Urgent Amendment – Sergius Ogun

By Sergius Ogun The recent debacle involving the Edo State Government and the Onojie of Uromi, HRH Anslem Edenojie II who was accused of assaulting one Betty Okoebor in public, travelling abroad without obtaining consent and disregarding properly constituted authority

OPINION: External Borrowing: Benue House of Assembly should borrow a leaf from the Senate

By Yemi Itodo The Senate has today shown our younger generation that what they are teaching them in school concerning the principle of ‘separation of powers’ and ‘checks and balances’ is true. At least, the President will know that Nigeria

Time To Stop The Blood Shed Between Tiv And The Fulani, Time To Renew Friendship Spanning 400 Years – Paul Unongo

  Being the full text of a speech delivered by Wantaregh Paul Unongo on the occasion of the 10th Anniversary Celebration of his Eminence,  Muhammad Sa’ad Abubakar as the Sultan of Sokoto on the 31st of October, 2016. Protocols I

Enemies Of Buhari And Nigeria Are At Work Against Benue Again?

By Ed Onmata Emmanuel Mr President, I am compelled to draw your attention to another massacre of Benue people being orchestrated in conjunction with the police commissioner in the state, Mr Bashir Makama before it starts to unfold. In an

It Should Never Be So CP Makama: Telling Farmers To Expect Influx Of Herdsmen Into Benue Is Like Telling A Family To Expect Armed Robbers

By Dr Ushakuma Anenga As one bestowed with the rare privilege and paid to perpetuate people’s lives, I’m always bitter when lives are lost. It’s all the more painful when people die from avoidable or rather, preventable situations. I read

Benue In Desperate Need Of Suswam’s Managerial Prowess

By Aaron Mike Odeh Human needs are always insatiable. The more you try to meet up with them, the more they keep making demands. This is why whenever anyone is in a position, especially political appointees or elected office holders,

Benue: Now That An Airport Is Planted On A Farm

By Shachia Oryila I am reading that Ortom performed a groundbreaking ceremony for the construction of a cargo airport in Daudu. The construction site of the airport is the hectares of NYSC farm along Daudu-Lafia Road. It covers many hectares of

“What We Need Is A Cargo Port In Markudi, Not Cargo Airport” – Stephen Akuma

  A foremost public affairs analyst, Mr Stephen Akuma, has taken issue with the decision of the Benue State Government to construct a cargo Airport in Benue. According to him: “There is an airport in Makurdi. Benue State Governor (PPP)

Edebiri’s Four Cardinal Doctrines Of R.I.T.A.

By John Ewah What is R.I.T.A.? I remember the first time I told someone about it and they asked me if she were beautiful. They actually thought R.I.T.A was a girl’s name. I remember that lovely night with some members

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