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#Agatu Massacre, The Police And The Tragedy Of A Peace Talk

By Jude Ndukwe The recent massacre of the people of Agatu in Benue State by suspected Fulani herdsmen has left a very sour taste in the mouths of well-meaning Nigerians. What baffles a lot of Nigerians, more than the actual

Now They Blame Shia Muslims For #AgatuMassacre

By Perry Brimah, Dr. In a government press release published in virtually all Nigerian media which shows the strength of the authority, the Shia Muslims of Nigeria were blamed for the Agatu massacre of over 500 Benue people which has

Right Of Reply: Benue Internal Revenue Service: Measuring In The Positive

While it is inconceivable that we should abandon our primary responsibility of increasing the revenue profile of our state in order to respond to every allegation, complaint, or concern directed towards the Benue Internal Revenue Service (BIRS) and its recent

David Mark On A Thank You Tour Of Zone C

By Berger Alfred MO I started following political activities in 1999 in my Zone B of Benue State. I haven’t seen or heard that a Senator is organizing a thank you party to thank members of his family for standing

Fulani Terrorists: 7 Things Buhari Must Do Now!

By Victor Oladokun Sir, in more civilized climes and especially in the event of a catastrophic loss of lives, sensitive and politically astute Presidents fly back from foreign trips or cancel international meetings altogether, no matter how important. Their goal is

Agatu, Herdsmen And National Security

The extent of brigandage in communities attacked by supposed Fulani herdsmen should begin to attract the attention of not only the security agencies but the federal government to the urgency of putting a check to the obvious madness. Agatu Local

Edo 2016: The Choice Before The People

By Dr. Godfrey Osadolor EMERGING projections point to the fact that the purveyors of the desperate craze to lure the people of Edo State into the vortex of neo-colonial subservience and allegiance to an Aliko Dangote who, through the sitting

#AgatuMassacre: Cattle Breeders Demand Law On Cattle Routes, Grazing Reserves

The Miyetti Allah Cattle Breeders Association of Nigeria (MACBAN) has called on the National Assembly to as a matter of urgency make laws that will address issues of grazing reserves and cattle routes nationwide. MACBAN’s National Secretary, Baba Othman Ngelzarma,

#BenueMassacre: Fulaniphobia; Arase and Ogbe In Perspective

  By Gurgur Japheth The fear of losing something or being scared of telling the truth as it affects the Fulani people of Nigeria is called “Fulaniphobia”. In this context, the erroneous fear that because Buhari is president and anything

Fulani Terrorists: The World Should Question Al-Makura.

By Daniel Gbabo In the last five years Benue State, Central Nigeria has witnessed the highest height of carnage in both human and material lost since creation in 1976, this to the credit of our “good neighbor” Nasarawa state under

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