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Edo Attorney General Should Remember The Role He Played In “Ovia Thirteen” – Ogbeide Ifaluyi-isibor

Yesterday,I read a publication purportedly written by the Commissioner of Justice and Attorney General of Edo State making reference to me as the Originator of some revelation linking his Hotel to have been a safe haven for militants brought into

PDP: A Tower of Babel?

By Ajibulu In ancient biblical times, the        populace of the City of Babel decided they were invincible, indestructible, immortal and omnipotent… all culminating into masochist  ego  and arrogance at its peak!  So they decided to  build a  monument to

Ayade’s 1,100 Political Appointees

PROFESSOR Ben Ayade, governor of Cross River State, has increased the number of political appointees from 800 to 1,100, and still counting. The appointees include 28 commissioners and numerous special assistants and a host of others. At a news conference,

Between Benue Peoples Amnesia and Suswam’s Insolence

By Ati Terkula Let the man who burnt down our yam barn not mock us for eating guinea corn during the yam season”!! This evening during my usual internet trolling I came across a beautifully crafted piece authored by the

Weak Party, Dead Party = Wahala

By Dan Agbese  President Obasanjo made a magisterial pronouncement on the health of the two political parties last week. He said: “APC is weak; PDP is dead.” It perked up my interest because the health of the two parties matters

Ugbah And Akume: An Excerpt From Simon Imobo-Tswam’s Book ‘Benue: Another Hope Betrayed’

EXCERPT: “Ugbah’s aspiration held too many ugly scenarios for Akume. He had told Ugbah to vie for the Zone A Senate seat against Suswam just as he had pitched both illustrious Logo sons against each other earlier in 2011! But

Akwaza: Benue’s Underworld King Unmasked

From Murphy Ganagana He has reigned for about a decade in Benue and its neighbouring states as the most dreaded king of the underworld with a split image in the mould of the legendry Robin Hood. Within this period, he

Postponed Edo 2016 Elections: Hallucinations Of Fayose, Ize-Iyamu And PDP

By Oteghe Adams There must be some extraordinary milestones in the journey of a people at which point their leaders must periodically pause for deeper reflections with simultaneous exhibition of a modicum of endearing dignity; it is expected that at

Before The Umpteenth ‘Herdsmen’ Attack

By Emmanuel Ugwu If a perceptive artist was commissioned to draw a portrait of President Muhammadu Buhari, he would have to think of how to present an image of a conflicted, two-faced commander in chief. Buhari is a hawk and

Secrets Of My ‘Flamboyant Lifestyle’ – Bishop Tom Samson

Not a few tongues have been set wagging by the perceived flamboyant lifestyle of the founder of Christ Royal Family International Church, Bishop Tom Samson. But the controversial clergyman told PAUL UKPABIO that his seemingly exotic lifestyle is nothing less

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