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Mark Vs Onjeh: Voice Of Esau, The Hand Of Jacob – Onogwu Elias

The Idoma Nation: Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow – A Clarion Call for Unity By Onogwu, Elias  Introduction: In this short paper, I attempt a survey of our past and present as a people and project into our future as a nation.


The news of the passage of His Royal Highness, Orchivirigh Dr Alfred Akawe Torkula, Tor Tiv, IV,was received with shock by most Nigerians, especially the people of Benue State where the paramount ruler was the chairman of the State’s Traditional

Brief Biography Of  The Late Tor Tiv The 4th

Born on 10th July, 1944 at Tse-Torkula in Mbadwem District, Guma Local Government Area of Benue State in North Central Nigeria, Dr Alfred Akawe Torkula attended the then Tiv N. A. Elementary School, Gboko from 1953 to 1958 and St.

Middle East Time Bomb: The Real Aim of ISIS Is to Replace the Saud Family as the New Emirs of Arabia

Alastair Crooke Fmr. MI-6 agent; Author, ‘Resistance: The Essence of Islamic Revolution’  This article is Part II of Alastair Crooke’s historical analysis of the roots of ISIS and its impact on the future of the Middle East. Read Part I here.

You Can’t Understand ISIS If You Don’t Know the History of Wahhabism in Saudi Arabia

Alastair Crooke Fmr. MI-6 agent; Author, ‘Resistance: The Essence of Islamic Revolution’  BEIRUT — The dramatic arrival of Da’ish (ISIS) on the stage of Iraq has shocked many in the West. Many have been perplexed — and horrified — by its

How and where first aircraft landed in Nigeria

De Havilland DH 9A The history of Nigerian aviation will be incomplete without the mention of ​Maiduguri and ​Kano city, where the first aircraft landed in Nigeria on November 1, 1925. It is exactly 90 years since the historic flights,

The making of a prime minister: Inside Trudeau’s epic victory

By Paul Wells INTRODUCTION Sunny, sunny ways How Justin Trudeau’s campaign of hard work and hope landed him a whopping majority Let us begin, against the mood sweeping much of the land, with a downer. The speech Justin Trudeau delivered

Before Emmett Till’s Death, Willie James Howard, 15, Was Murdered in Fla.

In 1944 an innocent flirtation with a white girl cost Willie James Howard his life and set off a campaign for justice. By: TONYAA WEATHERSBEE This letter, dated June 30, 1944, from Florida lawyer Harry Moore to the NAACP’s Thurgood

Ada ‘Bricktop’ Smith: Once the Grande Dame of Paris’ Nightclub Scene

A girl from West Virginia with flaming red hair and big dreams escaped segregated America and made herself a star in Europe. BY: STEVEN J. NIVEN Ada “Bricktop” Smith June 22, 1934 CARL VAN VECHTEN PHOTOGRAPHS COLLECTION AT THE LIBRARY

Unbroken Spirits: Black Family Legends About Rebellious Forebears

BY: HENRY LOUIS GATES JR. Tracing Your Roots: Seems like most black families have a legend of an ancestor who bucked the system in some way. Here are our three favorite columns about spirited kin. Many of us have them:

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