Breaking News: Idoma Students National President Comr Abah Endorse Obande Gideon for NANS President

In the latest news coming out from the upcoming NATIONAL ASSOCIATION OF NIGERIAN STUDENTS “NANS” presidential elections, the National President NATIONAL ASSOCIATION OF IDOMA STUDENTS NAIS Comr Abah Owoicho have endored Comr Obande Gideon for President of the Apex student body in Nigeria.

Reacting on his face book wall on the 2nd of November 2017, Comr Abah discribed Comr Obande as an “erudite unionist, and social crusader”.

Read his comments below

I have said time without number that a united minority remains stronger than a divided majority, I have the privilege of superintending over one the most united and highly dogged students in the Africa the IDOMA student under the umbrella of the National Association of idoma students (NAIS).

The Association that has produced erudite student leaders both within and outside the country, one of out very own leader and mentor, COMR.Dan Onje is a celebrated former NANS president, WASU President and now a politician of high repute, The name Alfred Omakwu Oketa is not new to those who are familiar with student struggle in Nigeria, as a former Zonal coordinator, his antecedents has won him the cap that so many are still struggling to acquire, Not to forget Adakole another stuff that has remain unbeatable, Bar. Omale Omale, a fine mind that has risen to apogee of politics, the eloquent Charles oko who is doing Nigeria proud as a diplomat, Adeyi Egwa, and fast rising leaders like Alidu magaji, Obande Gideon, Hon.Agida Colins Bar. Oche Ochugboju are fine stocks that the association readily boast of.

This folks all rose to the zenith of their struggles with the support of the IDOMA students which is typical of the IDOMA nation.

History is about to repeat itself as one of out own, an erudite unionist, social crusader, and fast rising leader COMR Obande Gideon is in the race to lead Nigerian students, it is on that note that I am calling on all leaders I. IDOMA land, IDOMA students and all well meaning Nigerian students to support this great son of ours, I make bold to say on Obande we stand..
#one for all#
#all for one#
#Opiatoha ofu#

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