The Leadership of the National Union of Benue State Students NUBESS under the distingushed Leadership of High Comrade Basil Agoh has condemned the interference of the Benue state Government in Student Union elections and activities through the commissioner of Education Prof. Dennis Ityavyar and S.A on Students affairs Mr Abraham Zahemen Jabi.

Rising from an emergency Expanded Executive and Senate Exco meeting with National Excos of NUBESS yesterday 21st May 2017, Comr Basil and National Senate President NUBESS Comr Rose Ene describe the efforts of the Commissioner for Education Prof. Dennis Ityavayar as an affront on the rights and privileges of Benue Students.. They complained of how the Commissioner had continually tried to impose a lady Comr Vera Akase from NTA college Jos as President of the Union against the wish of the students. Investigations by our crack reporters have revealed that Comr Vera Akase who records from her NUBESS chapter shows she was not qualified contest for the position of National President NUBESS as she is not a registed member of the Union at her school and harldy participates in Student Activism. A source who begged not to be mentioned here claimed that Comr Vera is a girl friend to Prof. Dennis Ityavayar. Sources from the Commissioners office also confirmed the story of infidelity by Prof. Dennis Ityavayar, according to the very reliable source, she claimed that Comr Vera Akase was always with the Commissioner and it was no longer news that they were having an affair.

It will be recalled that the crisis rocking the Union can be traced to back to Dec 2016 when the first election was held and Comr Akase lost. Not satisfied with the results, Comr Akase reported to her alleged shuga Daddy Prof. Dennis Ityavayar, who in turn used state might to illegally council the election of that of the National President and Senate President. After series of meetings by stakeholders and Excos of the Union, it was agreed that a new election was to be held and as such, congress nominated new electoral committees to oversee the election which saw High Comr Basil Agoh of Benue State University emerge National President and Comr Ene Rose Senate President, still not satisfied with the result, Comr Vera Ran back to her alleged Shuga Daddy to complain and yet again Prof. Dennis Ityavayar cancelled the election just because his girlfriend did not win.

The Commissioner went further to arrange a kangaroo Congress through the S.A on Students Affairs Comr Jabi where he released an undisclosed amount of money ranging into millions for mobilization of street touts and past students where Comr Vera Akase was declared factional President elect. This singular act of impunity and abuse of office by Prof. Dennis Ityavayar and Comr Jabi has irritated Students.
The National President of the Union Comr Basil when interviewed by our reporters lamented of how government officials had no right to interfere in Students election, when asked he replied, "i am not happy with the way this government is handling its self, who called the congress that made Vera President? As far as i can remember our Constitution gives only the President the power to call for a congress, who are her Excos? Which legal adviser inaugurated her? Or is The National President of the Union now Jabi or Prof. Dennis?" He said, he went further to encourageall Benue Students to disregard Vera and her Cohorts and she is acting alone, even the guy she choose as Senate President claims not to be intrested in it as the process which brought her into office was not the right one.

The  National President NUBESS High Comr Basil Agoh advised Governor Samuel Ortom to call his Commissioner to order and stay away from Student politics. Another student who expressed his disaapoimtment with the government lamented that It is not enough to give us wheel barrow as empowerment programs, schools on strike, student allowances unpaid to a tune of about 350mill, now you want to put your commissioners girlfriend to be our leader and your stooge? We will resist every form of imposition and impunity by any Govt official or political party as NUBESS is a pressure group and not an affiliation of any political party.


  1. Gbande Shiekuma says:

    The acclaimed 419 fraudster who is going about impersonating himself as the Nubess president is a man of questionable character known by all elites of the generation,a man who attended more than four universities without completing any is a good point to make us understand his arrogant and lawless nature,a good example of such institutions is university of Agriculture makurdi,presently he is a 300level students of Benue state university makurdi,Benue state university awards it degrees both in character and in learning,the above treacherous criminal minded boy called Mfo Basil is not to be regarded seriously on any platform.this same man was screened out from the NUBESS contest base on character and personality issues as stipulated by the unions electoral laws.its well known that Benue students through a unanimous general congress took a stand to vote in their leader on the 18th of may 2017,this process was achieved through an open ballot process which unshared in President comr AKASE VERA as the president,comr Akase Vera pulled up a total vote of 227 from the congress, to take the win as the legitimate president of NUBESS as a union.while her co-aspirant and contender comr Tyokumbur Aondongu took a bowl to step down from the race at a critical stage.
    . Her other contender comr Kene Keneth who pulled a total vote of 15 from the general congress,accepted defeat joyfully without any formal complain though bowled down his head in a fraudulent character like one mfo Basil has come out to create more enemies, look more stupid and if possible distract himself from the university.I urge the general public to disregard any form of information about him as a leader.the students willingly gave their mandate to NUBESS president COMR AKASE VERA,Who is more of a servant leader.TO Stress further due to power balancing and hegemonic togetherness of one Benue comr Onoja christian was unanimously endorsed by all congress men as the senate president,an aspirant from Fidel polytechnic Gboko had to step down in order to make things softer for comr Onoja Christian to emerge successfully in the process at Aper Aku stadium makurdi.lets remember todays leadership is no longer a thing of double standardness,but for defined minds and character.God bless comr AKASE VERA the NUBESS President.
    . In the time past under the leadership of Iorshe Vincent the union failed to conclude its elections almost more than 5times as directed and stipulated by it’s constitution.The commissioner for education who is a God fearing man had to handle this unions nostrum with wisdom and fear of God he must be vindicated from all this baseless allegations from a desperado.
    . yours in nation building.

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