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To all compatriots,


2. Kindly accept my humble greetings to you and your family.

3. My name is James Ogaba Oche. I am a native of Osiroko/Ikpilogwu clan of Apa-Agila in Agila district of Ado Local Government Area, one of the three Local Government Areas that constitute the Ado/Okpokwu /Ogbadibo federal constituency otherwise known as the Enone federal constituency.

4. My parents and wife are all from the federal constituency. I do not have any other home elsewhere to call my own. I carry an indelible Enone identity.

5. At this auspicious moment, I have come to the point where I have to notify you of my honest intention to run for the membership position of the federal House of Representatives of our shared federal constituency on the basis of providing a new vista for the development of our beloved and cherished communities.

6. In doing so, I have chosen the Peoples’ Democratic Party, [PDP] . I have done so not necessarily out of the belief that the party is without blemish, but because it is the political party that accounted most for the empowerment and development of our people in the last couple of years, especially under the leadership of Most Distinguished Senator David Mark. Our people have demonstrated that the PDP is the party of the Idoma people. This does not mean that there are no Idoma people in other parties. If it was constitutionally permitted to have an Enone party, I certainly would have run on that platform. More importantly , if the same constitution allowed for independent candidates , I sure would have opted for that in other to reduce bitterness, division and unwarranted acrimony amongst our people. But here we are, I must have to belong to a political party in order to run for the election. My choice of the PDP is not due to my dislike for the good and great Enone people in APC or any other party . It is because like them too, the unyielding Enone spirit of resilience , choice making and rationality has led me to this point. I have gone through this lengthy lane just to underscore our oneness and uniquenes in-spite of our differing political leanings.

7. In the pursuit of this humble ambition, our recent past is important to note. As an unrepentant party faithful and so it is with most of our hierarchy, we have watched, albeit helplessly , how our leaders have had to work hard in mobilizing support for our candidates , only for them to, mid-stream, abandon the party at various levels after election for the opposition party in Idomaland. We have also watched how discreditably our mandates have been usurped on the pretext of a badly managed intra- party process, where endless court suits have led to outright truncation and or seizure of victory from original victors to ambush political opportunists using the vehicle of out-stripped and procured legal channels. In fact, we lost the Speakership of the Benue State House of Assembly; which if we had gained would have been a huge asset for filibustering the ruling party, due to obvious factional supremacy struggles.

8. We do not pray for a repeat action. In all, we the Enones and the party of our people, the PDP lost on all grounds. There is now the dire need to RECLAIM our mandate at all levels of involvement in the federal constituency. In doing so, we must be ultra careful in order not to allow ego, impulsiveness and reactionary political tendencies to play us into the hands of willing opportunistic, yet non- conforming characters who would sneak in and take power only to become abusive and confrontational to the very political organisation that let them platform in the first place.

9. My antecedence is clear on the matter of loyalty to leadership and organisation. I have never led a different political life.

10. I may be the most unlikely candidate for the position presumably on account of perceived lack of financial strength. But I am sure that by the special grace of God and your support , that consideration shall not matter in the end. I am humbly equal to all tasks.

11. I have had to restate all the above in view of our collective ordeal under disunity . In all of that, we lost everything. Development was lost and gained ones became retarded. Infrastructure was negated in a constituency that is completely rural. We were too disunited to form a common front to bring our constituency back. We lost it all. The usurpers gained all.

12. I have come partly in pursuit of the reversal of all that was lost and all that our people require.

13. Surprisingly, the unexpected wave of increasing terrorists /herders murderous undertakings have reached our constituency . Omusu was needlessly and nakedly attacked. Where could be next? We therefore require a representative that will work with our leaders and other stakeholders in developing a home grown mechanism for adequate home land defence within the ambit of the law with legally modified allowances for group self-defence.

14. So given the urgency of now and in the light of a properly organized RECLAMATION platform , there cannot be a better time to take back ENONE. And I want to serve in leading that process. The time to reclaim Enone federal constituency is NOW. I do humbly count on your privileged support.

Yours sincerely,

Comrade James Oche.

Aspirant For: Ado/Okpokwu/Ogbadibo
Federal constituency.

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