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Body Of Benchers Approves Use Of Hijab For Call To Bar In July

  • Invites Amara Firdaus For Call To Bar In July
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The Body of Benchers (responsible for setting the rules for Call to Bar Ceremony at the Nigerian Law) has approved the use of HIjab during the call to bar ceremony to be held in July. This follows the dust kicked up by its refusal to call one Firdaus Amasa to the bar for wearing her wig under her hijab last year.  In consonant with the new rule, she has been invited to be called to the bar this year.

This statement was contained in a press statement issued by MURIC. The Muslim body in the release voiced its satisfaction with the decision of the benchers whilst congratulating all those who have stood by the Body in the struggle.

We like to express our sincere gratitude to the Body of Benchers for painstakingly reviewing the case and for allowing professionalism to be the deciding factor.

”MURIC thanks all Muslim leaders who intervened on behalf of Firdaus Amasa. We are also grateful to the House of Representatives for the positive role it played in this matter.

We felicitate with all Islamic organizations as well as Muslim brothers and sisters who stood with us all these days, particularly during the aborted public hearing in the National Assembly,” it said.

However,  The Nigeria Lawyer (TNL) reports that a final decision on Hijab is yet to be taken by the Body of Benchers. It contends that what has been done is to allow Firdaus Amasa to be called to the Bar wearing a small covering over her hair, The Honourable Justice Zainab Bulkachuwa style, while it continues to deliberate on appropriate means of a dress code generally.

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