Benue Herdsman Jumps Into Benue River Over Loss Of 200 Cows – MACBAN

A 56-year-Fulani herdsman, Mohammed Abdulkadire, jumped into River Benue in the Logo Local Government Area of Benue State.

The National Coordinator of Miyietti Allah Cattle Breeders Association of Nigeria, Benue State chapter, Garus Gololo, who spoke to our correspondent on Saturday, said the deceased committed suicide after he lost 200 of his cows to hunger and lack of water.

The Benue State Government had, on November 1, commenced the implementation of its anti-open grazing law, leading to some herdsmen relocating to other states.

Gololo said since the commencement of the Benue anti-open grazing law, Fulani herdsmen had lost about 600 cows due to poor feeding and inaccessibility to water.

He lamented that Abdulkadire, who had 22 children, cried and jumped into the river out of frustration when he discovered that 200 out of his 500 cows had died where they were camped, looking for a means to relocate from Benue State.

The herdsmen’s leader said, “The man killed himself simply because there is no place for his cows to graze. He was to relocate to the Awe LGA of Nasarawa State but information got to us that the area was occupied and no herdsman or herdsmen should cross over to the area again.

“We are calling on the Federal Government to intervene to quickly make provision for herdsmen in Benue State before they lose everything they have.”

When contacted, the state Police Public Relations Officer, Moses Yamu, told SUNDAY PUNCH that the suicide had not been reported.

Meanwhile, the Benue State Government has released a statement denying any such death or loss of cattle every occurred in Benue as a result of the implementation of the Open Grazing Prohibition Law. Read it here. 

6 Responses to Benue Herdsman Jumps Into Benue River Over Loss Of 200 Cows – MACBAN

  1. Stephen says:

    The man committed suicide in the River Benue and his cows are dying for lack of water, what an irony. If the must lie then it should be constructive. Though I do not support the death of their cows or any herdsman, this is just a lie.

  2. Philip Geshi says:

    This spokesman of Fulani loves telling lies, nothing of such has happened.His Fulani kinsman are dreading Awe because they have killed people there and are relocating.Why can’t he caution his people against wanton killings. God in his wisdom created Fulani and other tribes, why are they behaving as if God didn’t know what he did.

  3. Abah says:

    There is a law against open grazing of livestock in Benue State. It affects even my mother who now ensures that her goats don’t free free-range.She is coping very well with the change, so if a 56years old man choose to commit suicide, then the devil will rejoice in receiving his soul. The Federal Government cannot do anything about it. Mr Golo or what ever should stop making noice.

  4. So he knew were river is for him to comit suicide and can’t take his cow der to drink wata, pls we dnt ve their tyme

  5. To Mr Gololo the chief herdsmen,& the condonator of fulani jihads killer, please there is nothing the federal government can about the prohibition of open graze law. Where are the so called federal government when you & jihad’s blood socking demons were killing the agatus & tiv people anyhow in their own God giving land. Till date pmb & his lie lie govt couldn’t ulter a single word as ig the agatu & tiv people are not human being, secondly if I may ask you Mr Gololo when those cows are sold was the proceeds deposited into the federation accounts, or put into private account. I am a businessman & I paid for my office rent with my personal hard earn money & not by any federal govt & i also believed is the same to every individual venturing into animals husbandry business or what have you. So if its not Benue land & you people can’t see any other land in your northern Fulani land them you & your jihad’s blood socking demons should go to hell.

  6. Usman David says:

    Since the heartless herdsmen has refused to
    appreciate the sincere effort of good people of benue
    state, i will say the worst hasn’t happen to them
    yet. They should also remember that judgement
    of God awaits them in the nearest future for
    the innocent blood in their hands.
    For the anti Open grazing law, it has come to stay
    and no government can reverse it, untill people
    of benue state agreed to do so. Long live Benue
    etate, long live Nigeria.

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