Bad state of Ekpoma Roads Hinders Economic Growth in Edo State, Prince Kelly Udebhulu Tells Governor Obaseki


EKPOMA-A chieftain of the ruling All Progressives Congress (APC) and a known community crusader and activist , Prince Kelly O. Udebhulu, from Urohi community in Esan west local government of Edo state, has urged Governor Godwin Obaseki, to fix the roads at Ekpoma and environs immediately because the dilapidated roads are now death-traps which is having great negative impact on the commerce of Edo state.

“A recent survey shows that the dilapidated roads in Ekpoma has impacted negatively on commerce and the socio-economic lives of the people, resulting in high cost of transportation and food stuffs, thereby leaving the tax-paying masses to bear the brunt.” He said.

The APC Chieftain however, appealed to the state Governor Obaseki to act fast in this regard as he described Benin-Auchi’s road all through to Ewu in Esan central local government area of the state including Urohi road, Emuhi road and Egoro road among others in Esan west local government as death traps for the inhabitants and users.

“As a resident of Ekpoma, in Esan West Local Government Area, the deplorable state of roads in the area is impacting negatively on the means of livelihood. It is regrettable that the market for our farm produce had been greatly affected, as customers who travel from other places to patronise our farm produce were no longer doing so, owing to the poor state of the roads.” He said.

Prince Kelly Udebhulu in his narrative as contain in the issued statement;

“It has really been a horrifying experience driving through the roads within ekpoma to drop and pick children from school daily.

“Commerce is worst hit, as the number of traders who travel to the popular Ekpoma and Urohi markets has declined as a result of the poor condition of the roads.’’ he lamented

“It is hinting negatively on the economic development in edo state because commuters plying the ever-busy Benin-Auchi-Okenne Highway are groaning as a result of the pains they experience travelling through the road due to its dilapidated state, especially the four kilometres stretch after the Benin bypass, Obagie, Iruekpen, Ekpoma and Ewu axis.”

“In fact, it is not possible for any vehicle to drive for two minutes without encountering bad spots, potholes and completely impassable portions of the road.

“The worst section of the road is in Ekpoma, where commuters would have to veer off the highway to go through inner-city roads and then come out at Irrua, a nearby community. Commuters spend over two hours trying to navigate out of Ekpoma dilapidated road which discourages traders and business men and women to repeat such journey to the area again.

4 Responses to Bad state of Ekpoma Roads Hinders Economic Growth in Edo State, Prince Kelly Udebhulu Tells Governor Obaseki

  1. lucas says:

    Why didn’t u tell osho – ole to fix ur roads when he was in govt. Instead u were busy druming support for him and this wicked and clueless APC govt. Jst watch obaseki will treat u guys same.

  2. iyoha i. gabin says:

    Its a pity, the state of those roads are better experienced than told. Ishan as an ethnic group suffered greatly in the last dispensation. Oshomole treated us lepers just because he didn’t win election in some part of esan land. I hope obaseki will reverse that trend. The rains are coming, if these roads are not fixed, it will be hell for commuters.

  3. Oj says:

    The one inside Ekpoma like Ihumudumu is worser than so call express, Ekpoma has non government present at all, no road, no water, food expensive, transportation is very high and no security. Government attention is needed.

  4. Joe oiyemhonlan says:

    Why do guys continue to vote for these fools. You should not expect anything different. Your governor obaseki or what they call him are all birds of the same feather. Good luck guys.

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