Ancient Idoma, Paganism And The One True God

By Jack Okopi

Did Ancient Idoma worship the Almighty God?

“Owo” is the generic name of God among Ancient Idoma. He is invisible, omnipotent, omnipotent and omnipresent but represented by the owo tree.
The eldest in the family is responsible for op’owo and wood of the tree in pinned before every household. A new wife must be taken to the family Ikp’owo and dedicated.

Though the central spirituality of Ancient Idomas resolves around the Alekwu, the Alekwu himself must invoke and seek the blessing of the owo. Alekwu can only ask owo to bless as he himself prays on behalf of his lineage to Owo.
Both the Anjenu and Egli are cults we can all agree are outright paganism. Their worship is full of vigour, music, dances and participants go into trance and are literally possessed but even these appeal to owo for the success of the rituals.

Owo-icho literally means God of the heavens while Owo’o means your private… personal god.

In folklore, Adam ochancho is used(my father king of the heavens)

Inasmuch as much as ancient Idomas never knew Jesus or Mohammed, they obviously had a system of belief in God that can’t just be ruled out as paganism

3 Responses to Ancient Idoma, Paganism And The One True God

  1. abbah r. agor-agalanga, esq. says:

    I don’t agree with your assertion that our traditional method of worship is paganism. The Christian faith seems logical to you because most of its history and methods are written. When one takes the time to research and write down findings on any traditional religion one will gradually discover the worshippers are more dedicated to serving God than the average Christian of today. In any case Christianity is an offshoot of Judaism which is the traditional method of worship among the descendants of isrealites whom we may assume form the bulk of the population of today’s Israel.

    • Jah bless says:

      You are quite correct. The word paganism is derogatory. It was used by the White missionaries to discouraged our forefathers from their religion.

    • Jack Okopi says:

      Not all ancient Idoma people had Anjenu or Egli
      The Alekwu and Owo religious cannot be dismissed as paganism because the nature of worship is reminiscent of modern Christianity.
      It don’t think all ancient Idomas were pagans either

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