The Agricultural Revolution Of Former Agric Commissioner Joe Okojie In Edo State

Prince Joe Okojie is no ordinary Agricultural Commissioner. He is the of the royal house of Uromi, is an international billionaire entrepreneur with a going business concerns in the United States with gross revenue in excess of $400 million annually. He was made the Agriculture Commissioner fifteen months towards the end of the administration of the former governor of Edo, Comrade Adams Oshiomhole. joe-okojie-and-vice-president-of-nigeria


Prince Joe Okojie hits the ground running as soon as he was handed the baton of office. He crafted a plan of making Edo state the Agricultural hub of Nigeria by moving the state away from subsistence farming to one on an industrial scale.

In a little more than one year, he set about getting investors to construct an integrated rice mill at Aviele, in the Auchi axis. A cluster rice farm of 25,000 hectares is up and running at Agenebode to feed the mill in the Edo North Senatorial District.  While in  the Edo Central Senatorial District, an integrated rice mill and cluster farm is being set up at Ugboha.  IPN was told a story in Ugboha  of how the late Onojie of Ugboha was approached for a land on which a factory could be sited. When he was briefed about the project the land was needed for, HRM took them to his personal palm farm and told them to take possession of it. The old king was asked why he would give up a project that yields  income for him, the old wise king replied ‘my palm farm feeds me and my family only. What you people want to do will feed an entire generation and project the name of my community to the world.’  Today sitting on that former palm farm is the 75% completed 1000 tonne capacity rice mill. Such is the magic of the Agricultural revolution of Prince Joe Okojie.

In Illushi, in the River Niger Basin, a 25, 000 hectares of rice farm and 3 integrated rice mill is churning.

In the Edo South Senatorial District, a Certificate of Occupancy was granted to Obax worldwide to cultivate cassava on 8500 hectares of land and harness it for the production of ethanol! Obax worldwide is a Nigerian company doing business in Africa and the United states. Obax is setting up at Abe in Orhionwon local government area of Edo state.

Six companies are in the forefront of this revolution and they are 1. ICMG. 2. WILBAHI. 3. AGROTEK. 4. PEMO FARMS. 5. DANGOTE INDUSTRIES. 6. OBAX WORLDWIDE
Pemo Farms is in Aviele. Wilbahi is in Ilushi. Agrotek is in Ugboha. Obax is in Orhionwon.  Dangote and ICMG are making moves to come on stream.

IPN was told by the MD of Pemo Farms in Aviele, Mr Henry Okeme,  that when the factory they are building is completed, it could employ up 2,000 persons. It would produce  rice, yam and plantain flour and corn flakes.  The rice processing farm has the capacity of producing 10 tonnes an hour.

With the ardent zeal of the Obaseki Government to continue the revolution that Prince Joe Okojie has started, Edo state is on the up and up.

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