Adamawa Attack: Sultan Talks Tough; Warns Against Killing Of Fulani

The Sultan of Sokoto, Sa’ad Abubakar III, on Sunday condemned the killing of dozens of Fulanis in Numan area of Adamawa State.

The sultan, foremost traditional ruler in Northern Nigeria, warned that the Fulani’s patience and silence over recent killings of their kinsmen in Adamawa should not be misconstrued for weakness.

He called for thorough investigation into the recent killings in four Numan villages in Adamawa State by suspected persons of the Bachama ethnic group. No group has, however, claimed responsibility for the killings.

Speaking in Yola on Sunday during the commissioning of Pulaaku FM, a radio station owned by the Lamido of Adamawa, Muhammadu Barkindo, Mr. Abubakar condemned the massacre of the dozens of women and children in Shaforon, Kikem and Kodemti villages in Numan.

The sultan, who was represented by the Emir of Kano, Muhammad Sanusi II, stressed that government and other relevant security authorities should thoroughly investigate those involved for peace to reign.

“May I use this opportunity to sympathise with people of Adamawa State, on the recent incident in Numan; and to appeal to security services, to thoroughly investigate the incident and bring the perpetrators to book,” he said.

“We have not forgotten what happened to Fulanis in Mambilla, Taraba State and we are still waiting for action from the security services.”

The sultan then gave the warning against misconstruing “patience for weakness.”

“It is important to remember, that at many points in our history, we make mistakes of confusing patience for weakness.

“I hope, we would not make that mistake this time; what happened in Numan would not go unpunished,” he said.

The police are yet to prosecute anyone for the Numan killings

4 Responses to Adamawa Attack: Sultan Talks Tough; Warns Against Killing Of Fulani

  1. Tim says:

    So it is now that real nigerian are killed. Mr emir do you forget that Fulani’s had committed genocide in Benue, anamra, Enugu and many other places, but you keep is now that u suddenly realized that killing is bad! Do you remembered the killing s in southern Kaduna? But I hope that one they was no problem OK?

  2. Nachi says:

    He who killed by the sword shall also be killed by the edge of the sword, the Fulani herdsmen has been ravaging communities and turning villages upside down and no body has done anything to that, but now there is a little revenge this animal called sultan of Sokoto has beginning to vomit rubbish, l wish there will be more of that response, l want tell the sultan of Sokoto you are just making an empty threats, there is nothing more you and your animal Cows Fulani brothers can do than that which you animals has been doing, which is to killed innocent people but I tell you, you can never go Scott free, you think now you are above the law but revolution is coming that will swallow you and that your stupid and useless throne

  3. De-Yashimz Jayramos says:

    Bigotry. Same has happened in so many people in Nigerian states which culprit were the Fulani’s. Why haven’t you said anything? Are other people,tribes and ethnic groups not human? I suggest you keep quiet and admonish your people against grazing on people’s farmlands and against killing of Nigerians. STOP the sentiment!

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