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167 Mobile Police Officers AWOL After Deployment To Fight Boko Haram

Some I67 members of the Nigeria Police who were to be deployed to fight against Boko Haram terrorists have gone AWOL.

They absconded from the Nigerian Army Special Forces Training School in Buni Yadi, Yobe State after the deployment signal arrived.

The Mobile Police Officers who have now been declared wanted were a part of the 2000 strong additional police officers that was recently called up by the Inspector General Ibrahim Idris to act as the rear guard for the military against the terrorist group.

They were said not to have submitted their arms, ammunition and other equipment in their possession before they fled, introducing a serious security threat to their abscondment.

“It was after their training when they were told that they will be deployed to the frontlines that many absconded,” an officer with full knowledge of the matter said under strict anonymity because the matter was still being handled with utmost secrecy amongst the military and police leadership. “They thought they will be deployed in town to mount checkpoints and be extorting innocent citizens.”

The official, however, said the public should be reluctant in condemning the police officers, saying their action was largely informed by the recent development in the counter-terrorism operations.

“They are seeing how the operation is being mismanaged by an incompetent and corrupt Army leadership, and therefore do not want to suffer the same fate as soldiers who are being wasted carelessly in large number,” the official said.

Another senior mobile police officer in one of the units affected questioned both the training and deployment of the officers.

“When did the police start sending its officers to army training school when we have our own. Even when they are deployed for joint operations, each agency trains its own,” the officer said. He confirmed that the various heads of the mobile units had been informed about the deserters and given orders to find them.

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